Vintage Clothing, Eco-Friendly?

Perhaps you are the people who wear vintage clothes and just simply because you like it and it’s your style, and you’ve never thought about that for every new piece you stop buying are helping to protect the environment.

Vintage Clothing, Eco-Friendly

Well, here are a few reasons why buying vintage which is friendly to the environment and the planet and that will make you feel much better whenever you use a piece of them.

  1. Do not generate more waste: Americans throw two quadrillion pounds of laundry each year. Hard to imagine that number, right? Place a 2 and add 15 zeros to give you an idea. The average American takes an average of 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per year, according to the site of Volunteers of America. The stop buying new clothes and wear vintage helps curb this waste.
  1. Do you promote the use of pesticides: Cotton represents 3% of the cultivated land, but consumes a quarter of pesticides.

Some of the pesticides used in it are the most toxic that exist and have been linked to cancer. Obviously pesticides are more harmful to the worker collecting cotton for whom it gets. According to the Organic Consumers Association, 91% of Indian workers exposed to pesticides for eight hours a day or more have experienced any disease. According to the same association 10,400 people die each year in the United States of cancer related to pesticides. The average cotton T-shirt requires 150 grams of pesticides for production.

  1. You avoid child exploitation: Whether because cotton with which is made the clothes come from Uzbekistan where most of it is picked up by children or because it was drawn upin a country where child labor is allowed, the fact is that the buy new clothes, that you cast off from one season to another, there isa great risk that a child involved in the process. If you want to learn more about visiting this website.
  1. Save energy: By giving a new use to someone else discarded clothing is great for the environment not only because no new materials involved, but because it saves energy and fuel in their manufacture.
  1. You support local businesses: Going to buy vintage clothes at a specialty store or a bazaar, instead of going to the big chains helps the sustainability of your community, because the money you invest in the garment very surely will be “at home” instead of going to the pockets of large corporations.
  1. Aid to a good cause: Whether you buy itor that the gifts, the garment passing through the Salvation Army or Goodwill help encourage others by a good cause, since they use a percentage of their profits to help people in need.
  2. You avoid spending energy in transport clothes: As most certainly willbuy the clothes you will not be manufactured in your community, take it to the nearest shop to you it required a significant expenditure of energy. Buyer of vintage clothing in your community, or even if you buy online, spending per garment will be much lower.
  1. Reduces the use of chemical color: Dyed fabrics requires the use of chemicals that are not atall friendly to the environment.The stop buying new clothes and not favor consumption in this way also helps to care for the planet.