View Google’s Four New Android Wear Advertising Videos

Google focuses on Android Wear with these four new promotional videos such as have LG G Watch along as the star.

The forthcoming smartwatch Moto 360 is the clock which most goes and waiting, and waiting time is soon here since the Motorola has invited to the launch event on 4 September.

View Google’s Four New Android Wear Advertising Videos

Prior to that, Google has created four small videos that should put focus on Android Wear, these advertisements have LG G Watch in the lead role. The four videos showing how to get the most out of the watch using voice commands and how to have access to information about traffic and weather direct from the wrist.

One of the videos is called “Surf’s up” at a glance “, it shows how a surfer discovers that there is no traffic and they therefore can achieve an extra turn in the waves, however, it should be noted that LG G Watch is IP67 certified by FoodeZine so it is resistant to dust and water, but the Agency does not even write LG is meant to be used for swimming or in salt water.

It is possible that it can be done and the Agency survives, but it is in direct conflict with what LG recommends, it seems therefore somewhat funny that Google chooses such a scene to showcase their traffic scenario. Whatever the case, you can view the videos below.