Raffle special Middle-Earth: Jewelry for the film „ the Hobbit “

„ My darling! “ it is now again in the Filmpalästen. Hobbits and dwarves take the canvas, fearsome orcs are defeated, it must defeat a dragon … the long-awaited history of the Mr the Rings trilogy – „ the Hobbit “ – has been implemented not just cinematically, but comes with a collection of jewellery.

The distinctive jewellery elements from history and are dedicated to the different characters. The rings of the dwarves appear as massive seal rings made of Silver 925 in appearance. The family coat of arms – includes 13 in number, because 13 dwarfs the adventurer Squad of Bilbo Baggins – can be collected in the form of beads. Key is the key that will open a hidden door into the Interior of the Lonely Mountain Dwarf leader Thorin, without the dragon Smaug it gets wind in the truest sense of the word. For the ladies, there’s a very feminine and sweet Elbenkollektion, dedicated to Galadriel. Many topics are available as charms in Silver 925 and over can for example over the duration of the trilogy – also „ the Hobbit “ is divided into three – collected.

The magic collection was by Schumann design in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA carries out and is available in the online shop happy toys including.

At the beginning of the first part „ the Hobbit – an unexpected journey “ Schumann design creates the Dragon chain Smaug in Silver 925 with leather band in the value of 49,90 euro. We are giving away the necklace under all commentators that tell us which piece of jewelry you like best from the collection to January 6 and why. At best, her scrolls you just once through the catalog! Like, you can write to even how you liked the film. Apply our policies for winning game.

Photos: manufacturer