Photo: Pearls of Yana Nesper

People are subject to the seductive power of beads for thousands of years. Different symbolic meanings are attributed to the different cultures the gently shimmering treasures of the sea. In Islam is the Pearl for virginity, in China for wealth, wisdom and dignity, in Japan is a character for happiness and it promises wealth of children in India. In antiquity the Romans gave the Latin name of the Pearl, Margarita, even on their loved ones.

Pearls at us are associated with love at the latest since the middle ages, where it symbolized the love of God. Their incredible feminine elegance and unobtrusive, luxurious appearance make it a magical gift – not only for Valentine’s day.

Yana Nesper Moss clamping rings

Presents Yana Nesper in their collections of pearl jewelry in the retro trend. You mixes classical elements with modern details and combines a commitment to traditional values such as resistance with the needs and aspirations of modern women. As a sign of recognition, a small blue Sapphire in a Pearl sparkles in every piece of jewelry. Pure simple clamping rings in white gold 585 with freshwater or Tahitian Pearl, which are likely to attract especially sporty, elegant jewelry wearers include the news of 2012. The new extra long freshwater pearl necklace with gem pendant caters to romantics and applies a highlight at this year’s new ideas.

Yana Nesper arm Kettchen

Discreet understatement and graceful elegance show the new bracelets white gold 585, where a single Pearl shimmer and is accompanied by brilliant-cut diamonds. Classic pearls bracelets in black or white are currently in vogue and testify to timeless freshness. Who’s still a little bit casual like, found in the Charityarmbändern of fine nappa leather and Silver 925 trendy piece of jewelry to jeans & co., which not only looks, but also helps: 10 percent of the proceeds go as a donation to the Association image – “A heart for children”. The bracelet with afar is available for 250 euros in selected jewelry stores in Germany and Austria, as well as on the Internet site of Yana Nesper.

Yana Nesper Charityarmband

One of them, you can win in the color of taupe! Please only the following question answered simply: what three colours there is the Charityarmband by Yana Nesper? We gave a Yes you, the other two can be found on the website of the brand. Write your answer to the 9 in the form below. The winner will be announced upon completion of the competition in the blog. Should a winner not accept his win, his profit null and void after 10 days without being replaced and it will be drawn out again. Your data are used only for this sweepstakes. The legal action is excluded.