Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dress Spring

The collection for spring 2016 signed Vera Wang has a central theme of lightness and transparency. The American designer has presented the new line during New York fashion week, showing the new look of the bride, a mixture of romance and style dark. With transparent fabrics such as tulle and lace, and cuts mostly elongated, the female figure is placed clearly in the foreground, with an affectation of form rather aggressive but softened by chic embroidered floral pattern. In short, a perfect combination of the new trends in 2016.

Vera Wang Pink Wedding Dress Spring

Reinterpretation of trends in 2016

With the collection in 2015 Vera Wang launched the theme “bride ethereal” :with the new spring 2016 line continues towards this path, simplifying even more the minimalist style and breaking away from the fluffy proposals in past years. Nothing princess models for next year, the maximum you can dare a mermaid cut, a tulle skirt or soft trawling, but nothing more. Each cut seems to want to deconstruct the traditional rules, to propose new lines to the innovative and modern bride. In the new models we find the trends for next season, as the tatoo style, embroidery and slipped cutting, but totally extremes.


If the transparency and the effect peek-a-boo are all the rage among the collections in 2016, Vera Wang opts for a total inconsistency of the tissues, using tulle and voile, that nothing hides the female aspect. Brides almost déshabillé feature so soft drapes in white, with embroidery and lace on the skirt to draw the love of retro style. To make it even more risqué all, the beautiful necklines very deep av.

Colors and Vera Wang in 2016 decorations

We also see a great return to colored wedding dresses, with black and white, contrast loved by fashion designer and already proposed in the collection of wedding dresses in 2014. This time we find a whole model in all black, with fairly wide skirt, and some details in black on white, like belts or embroidery on the neckline. Speaking of accessories and decorative elements, we return instead to pure romance, with large flakes to be applied in life or with lace and draping chic. The mermaid models play instead of a very clear contrast effect, guaranteed by in gauzy tulle code. The aftermath of the clothes, another recurring element in the collection in 2016, remains soft and long, but it helps to lengthen the lines, confirming dark style of each dress, which seems to suggest the texture of a spider web.