Vektio Gets High School Students up at the Right Time

A new Danish app will find out for yourself whether to up now, or whether there is cancelled timer, so you can sleep for a long time.

Vektio Gets High School Students up at the Right Time

It is always annoying to get up and then find out that you could have slept longer, but the problem is that advice for if you go to high school, and we can thank a new Danish app for.

Vektio can be coupled together with gymnasiernes Lectio-system, which provides access to the individual student’s schedule, homework, curriculum and its right, and this means that the app can find out if the first timer is cancelled and that in such a case can sleep longer.

The two boys behind the app goes even in high school, and it’s inspiration has come from there. Emil Skydsgaard, which is one of the two, says DR, that it is the app, he always dreamed of.

Yet the app can exist only for iOS, but it will be a success, Skydsgaard and his mate Frederik Jensen will expand to Android, just as they also think about getting more education than just colleges with in the app.