USB Flash Drives For Iphone

ICloud Drive and other cloud options work great at ever more affordable prices, but let’s face it: that on Android they can use USB On-The-Go for a long time gives a little envy.

Can I use a flash drive on the iPad with the Apple adapter? What does iOS do and why not? Is there a way to import photos from a USB stick into the iPhone?

These are frequently asked questions in our section of Apples fera Answers and we will give answers in this post.

What Can You Do With The Apple Adapter?

The “Lightning Connector to USB Adapter for Cameras” (formerly Camera Connection kit , because it was sold along with the adapter to SD) is Apple’s solution to pass photos and videos from a digital camera to our iPad . Officially, it can not be used to import images to an iPhone. These are the three things that allow us to do:

1) Download Images From A Camera Or USB Stick On The Ipad

When you connect both ends, the Photos app automatically opens to import the images and organize them into albums. For photos, it supports both JPEG and RAW; For videos, it supports different formats and codecs such as MPEG-4 and H.264 (so we can think of putting a movie in addition to home videos). Once imported, you can delete them from the external drive.

The adapter is compatible with USB 2.0 and supports a transfer rate of up to 480 Mb/s.We can connect a camera through the PTP image transfer protocol or any memory that uses the mass storage device protocol.

2) The Same, But From An Iphone Or An Ipod Touch

With the adapter we can also import images from any iPhone with Lightning port or from the 5th generation iPod Touch. It would be enough to connect the female USB to a cable Lightning-USB of the ones we have at home: downloads the photos and videos without chatting.

3) Connect An Audio Device To Our Ios Device

The adapter also serves as an interface to connect a multitude of MIDI or USB audio devices: from microphones to musical instruments, to DAC converters for those who want to get the best audio possible from your iPad or iPhone. They are compatible with applications that use Apple Core Audio or Core MIDI libraries.

Many of these devices will need their own power supply in order to function properly, as the iPad and iPhone do not support certain amps through the USB. Which brings us to the next point.

Error,”Device Requires Too Much Power”

The device can not be used: the connected device requires too much power

This is a very common error message and an old one known for those who have the camera adapter (or a clonic adapter). The iPad rejects certain USB memories to save battery and not deteriorate it. In general, energy-consuming devices will not work.

But there is a solution: feed that device with an external source. If it is a portable hard drive, surely we can plug it into the power. If it’s a pendrive, we will not have another toput in the middle a powered USB hub. What if we do not have a power outlet? One trick (I admit it is curling the loop) would be to power the USB hub with a laptop or an Android mobile.

Other errors

The connected USB device is incompatible

If instead the error we receive in this one or “It seems that the attached volume is not valid”, the options are:

The device is not a USB stick or compatible audio device

The device is not configured in mass storage mode or PTP (in some cameras, it is also calledPictbridge)

If these messages do not come out, but does not work properly, it may be necessary to reboot or connect the device directly to the iPad (or iPhone).

What Else Can You Do… If You Have Cydia?

With the jailbreak, things change. The highlight is that we could use a complete file manager, such as iFile. This would facilitate us to download and open any file stored in the USB memory, for example PDF or Excel documents. In addition, there are tweaksthat would allow us to use the camera adapter with an iPhone or an iPod Touch, not just the iPad.

Other Adapters And “Pendrives For Iphone”

In addition to the Lightning to Female USB adapter, Apple also has a “LightningConnector Adapter to SD Card Reader”. It is still not compatible with iPhone and loses compatibility with MIDI devices, but it might be more convenient to import images from our digital camera, especially since it does not require the camera to be turned on.

In our trusted Chinese electronics store, we will also find all-in-one adapters, with USB,microUSB, SD slot and even HDMI. One of the advantages of this type of adapters is that they allow us to continue charging the iPad while importing images.

And we are not forgetting the “iPhone pendrives” that came with the 30-pound dock and then adapted to Lightning. We tried PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD and SanDisk iXpand, we talked about iStick… But before investing in one of these, you might be interested in wireless alternatives such as MobileeLite Wireless Kingston or Sandisk Media Drive.