Holiday dreams: A day at the beach

Beach holiday by the sea, mountain air breathe in the Alps, observe wild animals in a jungle Safari, sightseeing in the metropolises of this world or simply relax on the balcony of domestic – there are many different ways to make your vacation and to enjoy. For almost every experience, there’s also the matching jewelry – and we show it to you! In the next few weeks we imagine selected pieces of jewelry, which the last holiday remember, awaken the joy to the next or to serve as a vacation replacement. Quite how it like like to take we your travel tips and wishes on. Just write us in which handsome holiday world we may take you as a comment or by email at

We start with our jewelry journey to the sea. Here are not only colorful fish on bracelets and necklaces, but also, starfish, shells and corals find their place on summer-tanned skin. The biodiversity of the underwater world is large and can accumulate very well – for example in the form of charms from the collection of Sealife from heartbreaker. Accentuate the small pendant, Silver 925. coloured lacquer accents and shell core Pearl

For mermaids who prefer something bigger like it, there is jewelry from Neptune’s Garden – the name of the collection – von Drachenfels. Starfish in silver or gold-plated, decorate with beads or color precious stones ear and cleavage. Gleefully invites big fish (in the cover picture) with his moving limbs to play.

, Baldwin is the King of the seas and at the same time a fish to the smooch of woman of the rings (in the title screen). The spherical companion silver gold plated reminiscent of the tale of the fisherman and his wife – whether he grants three wishes? Three things are certain: he brings happiness, a little flamboyance and summer feeling!


fashion accessories with maritime motifs in cult. The trend jewelry brand has on lucky charms and talismans specialized and idolize the jewelry wearer of seahorses, stingrays, crabs and cuttlefish can.

Diving equipment is required to

the sea animals discover in the depths of the oceans at all. The jewelry designer Julia Miltenberger uses neoprene as material for their light and pleasant to carrying valuables, ensuring attention not only on the beach.

Back on land,

continues the discovery tour. Flushed by the Hermosa wave dancingly transported on white foam crowns, snails and clams in the sand accumulate. You show up in pretty patterns or coiled shells and keep the illusion of the rushing sea inside. The Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory marine resources into the current collection of treasures in jewelry with archaic expressiveness. Shells and coral shine in deep dark black and pure white. Coral (in the title screen), their typical red color is given in addition.

, The ornate twists of sea snails, the curved shapes of the shells and the marvelous geometry of Starfish have inspired the Spanish jewelry brand Carrera y Carrera to her collection Mediterráneo. Diamonds sparkle luxuriously decorated with yellow and white gold 750 and spread the fire of the Mediterranean sun.

Who now wants to embark on a journey through the world’s oceans, should have an adequate timepiece with. For example the HMS Caesar Classico cloisonné by Ulysse Nardin (in the title screen) with a casing in white gold 750 and a lavishly and lovingly crafted dial cell enamel enamel. The motive: the battleship HMS Caesar of the majestic class of the Royal Navy, that saw the expanse of the sea on 16 November 1793. The magnificent British battle ship was designed by Sir Edward Hunt, and named after the Roman Emperor. The automatic watch by Ulysse Nardin with 42 hours of power reserve already while the spirit of discovery (she has an open, sapphire glass Schützen Caseback), shows much more peaceful. And it is a real treasure: namely, the model is limited to 30 copies.

Photos: manufacturer