Upcoming Mobile Chipset Impresses

Next-generation Qualcomm chip gets an impressive speedup with snapdragon 810 chipset.

Qualcomm is one of the leading suppliers of mobile processors, and it is not without reason. Their Snapdragon series is among the fastest on the market and therefore used in everything from Samsung Galaxy series, for Nokia Lumia, LG G and Sony Xperia.

Qualcomm’s fastest model called Snapdragon 801, and the autumn comes a new generation of Snapdragon 805, there just is a tooth faster. In the spring, lifted their thoughts about Qualcomm 805s’s replacement, Snapdragon 810, and now suggests that Qualcomm is so much in the development stage that they test 810 chipset.

A popular testing tool called AnTuTu and that have a source spotted Snapdragon 810 chipset. The actual test results are secret, but unfortunately the source describes the results as “extremely impressive”.

The results were performed with a cpu speed of 940MHhz, although the chip can get over 2 GHz. So when chip impresses at low speed suggests that Qualcomm’s 810 ‘ is also can be a power saver. It can thus both blow and have one’s mouth.

One of the reasons for high speed and low power consumption are to be found in developing technology as Qualcomm uses on their factories. In Snap dragon 800, 801 and 805 will be akitekturen made with 28nm, where the new 810er will be created with the same speed by which provides 20nm less heat development. It means that 810eren can get better performance by increasing the speed without the smart phone becomes too hot.

Test device has a 6.2 “screen, 1600 × 2560 resolution, 4 GB of RAM and runs Android 4.4.2.