Union Glashütte Noramis Chronograph Test

Since the restart of the brand Union Glashütte 2008 the makers in the year have a soft spot for exotic model name: Averin, Belisarius, Seris, viro and Noramis are currently five series. With the name Union stands out clearly from the competition from the Saxon watch metropolis, where names such as Saxonia (A. Long & sons), Senator (Glashütte original), Ludwig (Nomos) or Terranaut (Mill) give the tone. The design of the watches is this penchant for the exotic face, that is presented in the style of Glashütter watch construction, the best rewrite with elegant practicality can.

Elegant retro look: Noramis chronograph (2540 euro)

As these creative balancing act works, shows the Noramis Chronograph, presented the Union in a gently revised version. The sporty character, who is always latent with a chronograph, enters through the renunciation of sporting attributes such as hour counter and tachymeter scale far into the background. For this functionality (i.e. time reading and occasional measurements of shorter periods) has clear.

So far, there was the Noramis chronograph with black dial and silver hands and numerals or silver dial with hands and numerals in Rosé gold. To these two joined now by a variant with silver dial with gentle solarisation and blued hands and numerals. The Bluing is one of the classical elements of decoration and reinforced the retro look of the watch in conjunction with the leather strap with crocodile design. Without a doubt, the Noramis is chronograph much more a Dresswatch for a sports watch.

Fits perfectly to the suit: Noramis chronograph by Union now with blue decor

Also since the restart Union opts for glass works at the inner workings of drives of the ETA, which like Union belongs to the Swatch Group. In this case a reliable and sufficiently reliable motor it is to the Valjoux 7753. This is revised in Glashütte, gets, for example a custom built rotor with skeleton brand lettering, as can be seen through the sapphire glass window in the ground and is then called U7753. Revision of the works and the manufacture of watches sufficient to meet the code of “Glashütter”rule, so to the self-imposed, to meet high quality standards of the Glashütter watch maker. For the purist’s still a Downer, that the inner workings of the watch is not original development from Saxony. This small flaw does already not detract from the exterior of the sufficiently big with 42 mm watch.