UCI Track Cycling World Championships

Six years after the last Italian organization was time for?? the Eternal City?? to host the World Cup. While Mussolini’s regime had sat. This regime had amassed a sporting reputation and that reputation was clearly confirmed.

UCI Track Cycling World Championships


The international news already announced in advance that it would be an excellent organization. It was a gem of a sports arena built, it???? Stadione Nazionale, with a corresponding groove,?? one?? perelke the jewel. There was a mob of militiamen were called to ensure everything runs smoothly ??1100 agents. The order service on the track championship will, for sure, something eenigs his????. And there was everything to make the drivers, journalists and delegates cycling as well as possible for meaning in their home area. LED Driver Garelli known that there are 80 000 lira against thrown into a gigantic sum for the time?? And there are finger-stamp on the top:. Make your visitors nothing but good for Italy, and the legend that was the country Mussolini tourists are unfavorable, quell????

State Affair

All missed its effect, since Mr Van Wijnendaele reporter on the scene, for bike week would conclude that the device was perfect?? some details?? and recommends the Italian Cycling Federation sought the Cyclingenthusiasm. How else can one expect from a country where the state is like nowhere else in the world are attracted to the sport? Since the World Cup received personal support by the then Home Secretary, Sr. Arpinati, also president of the Italian Olympic Committee. How much weight does the state attached?? sports and physical development??, also showed the race results. The track titles was the homeland or leave the Belgian Jef’s, as the first but not the last, sprint world champion, and Frenchman Paillard of 100km design. Road race – when the World Cup?? at work?? called-was entirely Italian, with the three Italians?? that is, the entire team-within the first five.


Learco Guerra,?? sport Mussolini?? such as banners could be read, wanted to get away midway. But supporters swore him in the name of Italy and Mussolini continues after he came back still very strong, but eventually had to adapt to his two compatriots and better climbers Alfredo Binda and Remo Bertoni. Three times the riders had a real climb, and during the last climb reason?? Campionissimo?? Binda and his servants all away. Bertoni was the strongest, but the Italian gender roles demanded Bind victorious.
The public who for several days had been bluffing about his master got them in delirium?? we have seen cry, cry, tear out their hair, rend their garments. Others embraced, hit his head against the wall and made the wildest jumps?? The 1000 officers not control the people or their battles nor its fees could tame the enthusiasm????. During these championships, it?? Scale Mussolini?? set. Duce praised an international cup in the strongest cycling nation in the future 10 years. A credit rating would be established on the basis of results in key matches. The Second World War made this contest in which France had taken the lead, but destroyed.