Types of River Fishing

Types of fishing that we can practice

When we talk about the types of fishing that there must distinguish between fishing before fishing river and sea. Depending on where we go fishing employ a set of fishing techniques or other.

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Fishing in Blog we explain the types of fishing that take place both at sea and in rivers and how they practice.

If you start fishing we recommend sea fishing, as the types of fishing practiced in this form are not complicated and the material used is usually basic, although that will depend on each technique and each fisherman.

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The best of the types of fishing is that you learn very quickly because their techniques are simple. We recommend that you do not focus on one type of fishing , if you explore all possible types there, so you know how to manage in any situation. Sometimes this is difficult, as we always opted for a particular type of fishing we like more or which we feel most comfortable, but it is also nice all fishing types to choose from .

Before talking about the types of fish that exist, we must remember that each requires a specific hook.

Types of river fishing

Almost all types of freshwater fishing can be done from a boat, but most practiced from the shore. Using fishing boat should keep in mind that if you have a motor, the minimum separation distance which must be the bait boat must be 15 meters. The same will happen in saltwater fishing.

The techniques used in freshwater fishing are divided into three categories: fly fishing, fishing with natural bait and lure fishing.

The type of more artistic and refined fishing is undoubtedly fly fishing. While learning this type of fishing is not at all complicated, it is very difficult to become an expert in this art. His difficulty is that you have to learn to throw the fly, to move properly and you need to consider how to feed catch prey we want to know what bluegill fly. If the fly is released upstream we have more chances that the fish does not perceive our presence.

Fishing lures is based on the use of replicas of insects or small fish in brightly colored vinyl. What they do is draw attention and force fish to bite.

Natural bait fishing is done with maggots, worms, insects or small fish.

The best places to develop the types of freshwater fishing are estuaries, mouths of rivers that join the sea. These places attract many copies of the mixture of water and movement. Sites are usually much vegetation and aquatic life, whether animal or plant, which facilitate their capture. Fishing in estuaries can practice various types of fishing including those just mentioned.