Types of Leggings

Types tights-Tights occur without cotton leggings and cotton wedge. This cotton wedge allows you to wear without underwear-There tights with shorts and without them, tights, not the so-called shortykov comfortable to wear a short skirt-There extensible modeling tights density to 180 DEN, on the packaging and labeled with UP. These tights with varying degrees of contraction of the stomach tighten somewhat lift your butt, visually reducing the size of the hips and waist-There leggings for the prevention of varicose veins, these brands support packages, they density from 50 to 100 DEN, by weaving slivers tights stimulate blood circulation and have a massage effect by varying degrees of contraction helps relieve tired legs Pharmacies can buy panty therapeutic antifungal or anti-allergic impregnated with anti-cellulite effect. To mark the package is set Claresse.

How to choose leggings? Determine the type of thread. Round seam rub the skin of the fingers, released under clothing typical cheap tights. Almost invisible seam is flat and convenience. Brand, quality tights, flavored, they have a nice scent in the box leggings cheaper. Surface Specialties tights packed, fine and wrapped around cardboard boxes. Density packaging information visible panty size and manufacturer. Quality tights leggings sealed so they prosluzhyvayut long-term mistress Blossom tights should match the color of the clothes, the shoes should be darker tights. The natural color tights fit business suit through a fine network without doing. And the party can no longer wear fashion kolhotы.

How to care for leggings? To avoid delay in tights, which should be placed before leggings remove jewelry from hands until the nails should be smooth Rube tights at temperatures above 30 degrees hand or machine in a special bag. Never use detergents that contain chlorine and alkaline otbelyvatel. It is necessary to squeeze them gently, without twisting and stretching strong. It is impossible to dry tights battery or the sun. Prohibited ironing and dry cleaning. Wear tights skrutyvshy must nosochka, put on mыsok and then evenly stretch the thigh. A sure way to dress tights shown on the packaging of branded pantyhose

Fashion leggings 2010. It inevitably opaque, bright patterns, which are combined with part of the wardrobe accessory. For example, purple tights with purple blouse, blue tights with a blue scarf and so on. Incidentally most popular flower in tights 2010 white color, it is not suitable for everyone, so that visually looks fat legs. The solution can be leggings black and white color pattern of blatant that the feet attracts views Very popular tights in several colors with a complex geometric pattern, diamonds, stripes, cells, colorful, small ornaments Fashion leggings decorated with ruffles, ryushkamy, creating the effect of fish scales decorated with glitter, sequins, sequins, embroidery volume. These are leggings as an independent part of the wardrobe that dress or tunic with a very short dress in imitation fashion leggings, lehhynsov, long belts, suspenders, tights on seam and imitation golf and gaiters. Not out of fashion leggings eye, lace, mesh, but believes pantyhose 2010 in which staining pattern matching striped suit. Then suit and pantyhose perceived as a group Now we know how to choose the right tights under his clothes. Using our tips you can pick up a trendy and beautiful leggings be part of your wardrobe.