Doors 08: Won …

Yesterday was a little „ tricky “, one had to already look closely to detect the small note to page 2 to see the 2nd part of the Collections. Even a collection hidden on just this side of 2, so that the correct answer should be: Ripper, Ripper of NEW, SEWED 1, Ärmelchen, SEWED 2 and beg logo!

Our day gain for door 08, the Ripper chain by blue eyed girl, goes to cat! Congratulations from us to you send us please your address, so we can send your winnings quickly and think please contact the photo to our gallery

those who did not win, need to not hang his head. Our advent calendar has opened already an another door! Today, there are to win great jewelry by Goldmiss design! And you can see the preview for tomorrow in the frontispiece of this article. We hope you all enjoy.