Truchas Fishing Versus Tent Fishing

The unofficial story says that the introduction of this species Black River dates back some 18 years ago in the Middle Valley area by immigrants from Eastern Europe, accustomed to consumption.


The theory is that some specimens were planted in a coastal lagoon; as a result of an overflow came to the main watercourse and then to networks of irrigation canals and drainage of all the valleys. Another suspicion is that the birds could move some eggs on their feet from the Colorado River.

This prologue is only to substantiate the concern of fans who write us commenting their increasingly strong presence, raising fears that a future move to the trout because of its ability to reproduce.


It can disperse 30,000 eggs per kilo of animal, while trout puts 1000 kilo. Besides the form of food, including both plant and animal, which collects the bed, which includes eggs and fry of other species adds.


Already detected it in the full extent of the Black, Neuquén and Limay rivers to the dam Arroyito, also on the island Jordan in the vicinity of Cipolletti, and the Central Termoelectrica del Alto Valle, but if he can adapt progressively from Arroyito to Limay Middle and thence to Piedra del Aguila reservoir, will have entered the Lanin National Park and the consequences can be very serious. Collon Cura, Caleufu, Chimehuin, Malleo, Aluminé, Quillen, Pulmarí and all its tributaries can be colonized by this pest.


In contrast, there are many fans who consider sport and not reject it and even he also found a way to harness this despised invasive fish, manufacturing meat to achieve smoked tenderloin Patagonian tent, and with tails, heads and guts draw a balanced animal food, including a special way of tanning the fish skin for use in crafts.


This private enterprise is carried out in the city of Allen and supported by the National University of Comahue, together with the local municipality, according to the portal


The discussion about fly fishing bait is installed between the fishermen, but the risk involved population growth of carp should not have discussion and be taken seriously by the provincial authorities.



This last Sunday, took place a date Fepylgraba internal tournament in the category varied cane Buenos Aires Aeroparque 3.50 compared to where we were present.Eduardo was first Antoszkiw; second, and third Omar Blanco, Raul Gonzales. The next date will be May 10 in the lagoon of Chascomús.


fishing solidarity
On Sunday, from 8.00, a fishing tournament will be held for children up to 12 years in the Fishing Club Rio de la Plata organized by the Forum went fishing. The same home will benefit the Los Peques. There will be prizes and trophies, baits and lines will be free, and to participate you must bring two nonperishable food and school supplies.More information: on the facebook went fishing.


We visited the last edition of Expo AICACYP, organized by the Association of Industry and Commerce Articles of Fish and Game, where we met new for this season. There interviewed Guillermo Muttoni, its director, who invited us to participate in its institutional magazine with a note Outdoors, commitment to which answer you with pleasure.



  • Villa Paranacito.Gustavo Ramondegui out to find the first pejerreyes that, although they are still not sting. The golden are also attentive to their activity. Until this fishing lower temperatures is expected.
  • . La Paz (by Victor Flores)This past week was improving surubíes pique; It could capture and return a nice amount of puppies, although they were not very tamaño.También some portly golden and quite varied as patíes, manduvas, yellow, moncholos, bream and butterfish in quantity. He was caught with live bait because turbidity still maintaining the river water.
  • Rosario. Lucas Santangelo told us that is a time when species usually “cross” in the vast delta of the Parana: the summer will leaving, while those that are more winter start aparecer.Esto causes have to look and taste different modalities and fishing alternatives, but with patience we will always get good results.
    the taruchas resist lethargic, aided by the heat still lingers, and give us the last emotions of the season. The surubíes also walk in his final weeks in the area and we use them as they are being very good catches.
    Variada firm, as always. Artificial gilding is beginning to be activated in good shape, with water that is wiping, the river low and waiting for the cold first. The conditions seem to be the ideal for the tiger of the rivers.
  • Concord. CachoToller tells us that fishing is interesting. There are nice rush of gold of all sizes and Uruguay River is in excellent condition.
  • Ibicuy (by Marcelo Albanello).The fishing is difficult because they reached the area many palometas that make working fishermen, as all natural baits are eaten and skin hooks. The best alternative is to seek fishing rowers who are still pecking- of medium to girls- with sweetened corn or dough because the palometas not take these baits.
  • Paraná Guazú(for Water conditions and temperatures are not the best in the Guazú and pique shipped only continues for some sporadic catches of varied skin.
    From the docks and coast, the picture is also very daunting, giving occasional catches of catfish , patíes and some armed.
  • Botija islandmust try to seek out fishing waters, because for the most beach areas pomfret makes theirs; if it is shipped, search veril fishing near where the greatest depth begins.
  • Pasaje Talavera:no recovery, continues with murky water and high temperatures for this time of year. In this April we suggest using as bait the chest fat grain or pellet -the leaves the tip of the skirt; cut into small cubes to embody and place it in a nylon bag for one or two weeks to take a special smell. It
    is very good for rowers, catfish, patíes and armed. Remember that when the waters begin to cool, the summer species seek consume as much fat as possible to meet the low winter temperatures.
  • Isla La Paloma: the pique was practically absent in the area.
  • Gutiérrez River: very remiss piques some minor species.
  • Parana Bravo:murky and high temperatures, with catches of just some yellow and white catfish lower freight waters.
  • Paraná de las Palmas (Zárate – Campana):murky waters with high temperatures prevent positive results. We must wait to enter the long – awaited silver arrow, but this month is the best for large freight vogues.
  • Chaco (by Daniel Quinteros).The week passed with nice rush in the area of Confluence and cables, especially where he lures. Then the gold began to firmly take the bait, both mamachas as moray eels drift fishing.