Trip and Rain Combine?…

When we drove certainly the last thing we want is a rainy day, dark, which we can’t even walk right on the street, or hitting good shots, right? Well, let’s just say the best is that it is a beautiful day of sunshine, but rain on our travels was never an obstacle to ride and enjoy. I decided to write here on the blog a few basic tips on how to enjoy your trip when St. Peter doesn’t cooperate.

1-Search For The Best Time Of Year To Travel To The Chosen Destination.
Searching well before boarding, we can avoid travel to one destination at a time traditionally rainy season–after all, you can’t fall on stolen from, for example, travel to Mexico at the time of hurricanes and no power out of the hotel, or even return home with the airport shut down. But it’s not often that we can choose the best time to travel, because not everyone choose your vacation. Sometimes appear THOSE chances that you don’t want to miss and better enjoy a shower in a beautiful place than spend the holidays at home, right?

2-Check The Weather Forecast And Plan Your Script Based On It.
When you travel to a place, there’s always a museum or a mall that you want to meet. My tip here is you plan your manuscript in the weather, and leave for rainy days indoor activities. Never fall into the mistake of spending all day in a mall when this one sunny day outside, unless every day be like this (which is rare).

3-Be Prepared.
I always travel with a raincoat in the trunk, a closed shoe, and a small umbrella (of those that you can put in the bag). Or, when I go in the shops of souvenirs, always buy a small umbrella, with the symbol of the place I am. But there’s no point buying the umbrella and leave in the hotel: has she ever in the stock market, after all, you bought it for an event. Oh, and don’t forget to protect your machine.

4-Who’s In The Rain Is To Get Wet.
If you have visited all museums, bought everything you wanted and yet time is not changing, it’s time to put that raincoat, buy an umbrella, and venturing through the city. Think that you’re not, you planned this trip for a long time and doesn’t know when ira go back to that place. Then it’s no use whining. Oh, and can I tell you a secret: until the pictures in rainy days are not too bad! As my mother-in-law: you get fancy holding a parasol in the pictures!

Of course if you are dropping the world outside (and, amazingly, that happened to us in several trips) you won’t be able to enjoy your hike with umbrella and raincoat, and you run the risk of getting sick and not being able to enjoy the other day of the trip. One option is you take a tour and discover the city in a bus (better than nothing, right?). The other option is to rent a car and walk through the city, making your own script. The problem here is that, like any city, the traffic in rainy day is chaotic, and you certainly won’t know the tricks for getting rid of transit traffic.

And Toronto?
Well, the time that more rains in Toronto is in the spring, between the months of March and may.This time, the city’s “honeydew”, because the rain melts the snow and forms the slush. In the summer it rains, due to strong heat, but are rain showers and rarely you will have a whole week of rains in the summer. Fall is also a time of rains, but less than the spring. The funny thing here is that Torontonians are use umbrella. Here the basic accessory for rain is blurred boot and raincoat. And we’ve all got our, including Joe.