Tricks to Tame Frizzy Hair

The misfortune of the kinky hair hounding, particularly when it is wet and you’ve just made the fold. Hold the scream and exploits these frizz quick tricks to manage your hair without your head look like a shaggy, shapeless ball.
The frizzy hair is mostly caused by lack of moisture, but too much moisture can also be the cause. The celeb hairstylist of Mark Townsend says: “Your hair lose moisture during the day and, at mid-day, the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair) opens and lets in the air, drying them, makes them frizzy”. Mark Townsend, Mark Garrison and Ursula Stephen, who handles the hairstyles of Rihanna and Kerry Washington, will reveal their tricks to fight frizz.

1. Choose one of glycerin rich shampoo

Search a shampoo with glycerine at the top of the ingredients list (the ingredients on top are the ones present in greater proportion in the product). The glycerin, in fact, helps fight frizz penetrating into the hair shaft and moisturizing it from the inside out. Moreover, it creates a protective coating to the hair shaft level and prevents it from breaking.

2. Do not forget the balm

The balm protects the outer hair moisture, preventing it from entering the hair shafts: frizz is guaranteed. Search a balm that contains glycerin and other moisturizing ingredients (such as shea butter) and apply from mid-length to ends. Keep him away from the roots if you are afraid that bloats your hair.

3. Twice a week just use conditioner instead of shampoo

Do you think that the hair should be washed more than twice a week? You are wrong. Wash them every other day conditioner instead of shampoo and then rinse well. The balm contains only a small amount of surfactant (which act in the shampoo to clean the hair) and washes the hair without destroying the hydro-lipid film. Mark Garrison suggests using a gentle balm if you have thin hair. If you have thick hair opt for a lip balm with a rich formula.

4. Use a moisturizing mask once a week

If you make a special treatment at least once a week, especially in the colder months when the air is very dry, you can fill those small breaks in the hair shaft which absorb moisture contributing to the effect frizz.

5. Make the crease with wet hair

The too hot air of the hair dryer, focused directly on your strands, dehydrates the hair making it dry, especially during the winter months when the air is drier. If you have straight or slightly wavy hair, let your hair dry to 90% and use a hair dryer to make the crease with 10% still wet.

6. Brush your hair regularly to allow the natural oils of the hair are distributed homogeneously

He turns the tables upside down and combs her hair with a brush boar bristles. Mark Garrison argues that this system helps distribute the natural oils produced by the hair of all lengths, keeps hair hydrated and helps to protect them from excessive moisture.

7. Avoid that your straight hair to become frizzy using a dry oil and a brush mixed bristles

While the hair is still wet apply dry oil from mid-length to ends to keep them moist; the oil acts as a barrier and prevents liquids from entering into the hair shaft. Once you’ve ensured that your hair is dry to 90%, use a round brush with mixed bristles (plastic bristles collect the hair and pull them to the wild boar bristles that make the super-straight hair) to seal the cuticle and complete smooth effect. You can also use a plate after drying.

8. De-fizzes wavy hair in a bun collecting them after drying or define the waves with a plate

After you made the shampoo, we apply the balm and oil by half a length to the tips, dry your hair with the hair dryer. Collect them in a bun if you want the soft waves (the battle against frizz begins when the hair is cool) or define them with a plate for curls. Mark Townsend argued that the heat will keep frizz at bay.

9. Tame frizzy hair, thick and curly with a moisturizer and a diffuser

After you made the shampoo and you apply the balm, while they are still wet, it passes a nutritious product from root to tip. When you apply the product, rather than rub it, heat it with the tip of your fingers and press it on the drums. Then wrap the curls around his fingers to model and let it dry naturally. You can also use the low speed diffuser and intense heat. To soften very thick hair after applying the cream, divide the hair into quadrants and dry them a strand at a time. Use a brush with boar bristles, because they can better strive for the locks and smooth over the hair easily.

10. For the last minute touches always keep the stock market a specific product

If your hair is straight or slightly wavy, uses a lightweight serum spray. Apply from the tips toward the mid-length. Keep him away from the roots to avoid giving a greasy effect. If you do not have to hand some product, you can also put your hair in a braid to keep more disciplined. If you have hair with a thick consistency or naturally curly, Ursula Stephen recommends a froth quick drying, because the very structured hair needs a lot of moisture to keep the cuticle smooth and stay hydrated. An anti-frizz serum is the best solution.

11. If you have suffered from a sudden storm and your hair has gone insane, a serum will be your best friend

Apply it on the finer hair (depending on the consistency or choose a cream or oil) and on the most problematic points. Then to smooth it, fixing her hair in a bun while they are still damp.

12. Use a hand cream or body to tame a ponytail kinky

If your hair is pulled back in a ponytail and frizzy see them on the surface, lisciali with hairspray. If the back of the queue becomes a crepe inextricable ball, squeeze a bit of cream on the palms, rub gently and runs her fingers through the hair to give a shiny effect.

13. If hair becomes frizzy in the neck, fix them with hairpins to prevent that go on all sides

Keep a spray travel size purse. Whatever you want to do, do not try to straighten your hair with a serum because in this case will not hold.

14. Apply a specific product on the hair before training

The sodium in the sweat can dehydrate your hair. It’s always a good idea to apply a balm before going to the gym. If you have a structured hair wrap your head in a cotton scarf, a mo bandana. Ursula Stephen argues that cotton is the fabric is ideal for absorbing sweat and not trap it in your hair.

15. If you have very thick hair you sleep by wrapping the hair in a silk scarf

To prevent the pillow of your cushion to absorb all the moisture of the hair, Ursula Stephen advisable to tie them up with a silk scarf to keep moisture.