Tray Size XXL

I desperately needed a big, square tray. And in addition to a particular size. Right of an open napkin, like this, I’ve got thanks to my dear friend Coral, Coral cornerblog, that brought it me no more and no less than Portugal.

And why? Maybe because he had a napkin so beautiful that had to look whole and well stretched. We bought this summer a package between other two very dear friends and I, for distribution among the three.

You know that in the majority of works utililizamos as much two sides of a napkin. Most of the time, single-sided or even loose nothing more reasons. But do that with this would have been sacrilege.  This is a Tray fashion for XXL or Extra Extra Large.

Before teach you it, I tell you how I painted frame. After a very ligerita sanding, because it just made him lack, I protected the inside of the tray for keeping it.

First, I painted the frame and handles with acrylic color chocolate.Then I spent a candle for some areas and returned to painting “in pieces”, with chalk paint of an intense pink, something like Raspberry.It’s called Rosa Boho… Please, don’t be alarmed when you see the photo. Is terribly ugly combination! Warn you because I also got scared, and up to my daughter, that came when it was drying paint, was dead to see the Inbox: “not going to let that so not?!” hahaha

I had the effect that I wanted to get very clear, but watching this thing so horrific, already I was sanding the whole tray. Well, I had to try at least, so it was the turn of the third color, pastel blue… as did not see it so, so, so ugly, but was still horrible.

But since he arrived here, he was not going to stay with the desire to know the end of the story, so I gave a hand undercharged very enlightened porcelain pink with white. And this is the result after having applied the four tones.

Already there was only sand and wait to come out well. See what you think:

It is just what I wanted. A merger between the four tones, as if the tray had had three previous to the pink porcelain lives. What do you think this pickling to four colors? You see realistic or it seems that a madman has painted it? jajajaja

And finally, you teach the napkin. Surely many already know it, because it is a well known store that has divine things for the House:

It is or is not to die for love?

Deserved or not showing whole?

This coffee set I already served as props in another post, and already at that time I said that I have as well because I like, with these traces of time. Not go to think that not clean!

One Friday, we feel Frugal weekend of Marcela.

There I hope. Happy weekend!

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