Transocean Chronograph Unitime Breitling

It is no wonder that in our globalized world Manager with passion for beautiful timepieces like to place world clocks at the wrist. Because even if the E-Mail traffic dominates the communication paths, you must consult it regularly by phone with offices in Beijing, Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles. Relatively late – until this year, Breitling has presented his interpretation of the practical function.

Elegance in rose gold: Transocean chronograph by Breitling Unitime

Good thing to have while the popularly says finally. And the quite appropriately the watchmaker from Grenchen with the Transocean has put forward a real highlight of the genre chronograph Unitime.

New manufacture caliber

We at the inner values started. The in-house calibre 05, based on the caliber 01 works here. The latter is referred to due to its ingenious construction by many professionals as one of the world’s best chronograph movement. The new version, representing the 24 central time zones of the Earth comes to the stop time. The time display is carried out via two mobile slices: one for a 24-hour display and one with 24 place names, as well as additional information for the summer time.

The Central pointer home time represent that each is set to top at 12 o’clock (in our so Paris, so CET). All other time zones can now easily read on the scale. In Paris, it is a time at which the business partner is rather inaccessible just 10:09, in New York 4:09 and.

Trouble-free places

The actual technical highlight of the watch is adjusting the time on the time zone change. The new adjustment is carried out via the Crown – the pushers are used alone the chronograph function. When setting the hour hand, parallel with the outer ring of time zone until the new reference time is reached jumps. Minutes and seconds are this decoupled and simply continue. It works also if the date line is skipped, because the date jumps if required with – whether now forward or backward turning. And of course also the chronograph continues to run during an attempt to simply.

Design the Transocean joins harmoniously chronograph Unitime in the retro style of the line, so that you get an elegant Dresswatch with the new model, which is just as at home in the business class of the transatlantic flight as in the opera houses of the world. A stylized globe in the Centre, a timeless classic typography and clear pointer make this a coherent ensemble where the 46 mm case diameter stand out at any moment as oversized.

Available in the Transocean chronograph Unitime in stainless steel or pink gold. In both variants, the housing is resistant to pressure up to 10 bar. The prices for the stainless steel version start at around 9400 euros. Approximately 25000 euro must be invested for the gold Variant.