TopShop Blouse Sale

We have just talked a few days ago the new advertising campaign TopShop, which sees the beautiful and controversial Kate Moss , top model among the most highly paid and influential in the fashion industry, as the protagonist not only as a testimonial, but for years now in the the designers. E ‘output in these days the TopShop Spring 2010 Collection signed by their top model British. It is an entire line that incorporates part of the style so much envied iconic model, which spread to his fans around the world wanted to give leaders vintage flavor and “boho-chic”, that style so fashionable in our days.

In all, 80 models proposed for this spring and include top, long dresses and short, shorts, kaftans, overalls and blouses by the floral prints and even fancy shawl stealing the allure couture to be replicated in the department store, where no are even delicate intimate outfits to hide under jeans the best fashion lines. Kate Moss, in his collection for the store most loved by young Englishmen (and beyond!) studied all future customer needs, so all the necessaire for a day at the beach but also several outfits, suitable for every taste and need, to show off on special occasions.

After having admired the interesting video directed by Nick Knight here are some pictures of the new collection designed by Kate Moss. The prices of the collection designed by top models range from $ 135 for mini dresses to 310 for maxi-dress perfect for summer evenings. Photo: