Top Rated: Bra Deco!

Today’s top line is the deep neckline (the longest neckline on the market) with that push up effect. A model created in a unique mold, bringing our girls a unique and unique comfort.

The Dajo brings you the only push-up bras in Brazil with the front design in neckline, having in its structure curves that support and alter the shape of the breasts, leaving them incredibly steep and advanced, giving the impression of silicone prostheses, And all this in a very natural way.

The piece has been successful among celebrities and various models, where they have experienced and proven the powerful effect of the Deep Neckline Bra.

The bra has in its composition high quality polyamide and elastane. It has 100% cotton lining in the buckle, so that the skin transpires better, beyond clear that impeccable finish, being available in black and beige colors, and sizes 42, 44 and 46.

And to make it even easier, directoryaah provides some tips on how to wear your Deep Neckline Bra:

  1. The breast should be on top of the horizontal seam, not in the middle of it;
  2. Place the breasts fully into the wombs:with the right hand “pull” the left sinus to the center, and with the left hand “pull” the right sinus also towards the center;
  3. The halo of the breast is not in the middle of the bulge (as in most bras), it is on the edge of the bra;
  4. The handles should be adjusted to provide firmness and safety.

Okay, now just use and abuse the effects of your Deep Neckline Bra.