Top Green Lingerie, White Skirt and Beige Boots

Hi! How are you? I hope it’s phenomenal! I am still amazed because I see from afar without glasses or contact lenses! Amazing!

The truth is that the operation was very good, you do not know practically anything, they explain to you what they are doing so you do not be scared with the noises that the laser does… So I am delighted, the truth!! When I got home I was a little annoyed, but it lasted a little bit, because I fell asleep right away and when I woke up it did not hurt at all! I spent the night wonderfully and this morning I could not believe that I saw perfectly from afar !! I had the review in the first hour and I have been told that everything is going according to plan and that I can make a normal life, so here I am, updating the blog!!!

Since I did not know how many days I would be upset with the sun and so on, on Monday I took the opportunity to photograph a couple of looks 🙂 Since I could not make-up or wear contact lenses, you’ll forgive me for the mask I wear! Hahaha…

This look is perfect for spring weekends. I do not know why, when I saw the lingerie blouse, I related it to booties and skirts, to Sundays in La Latina, with some beers and my friends!

It’s been a while since I met instagram the Trendie store , it has a great selection of clothes, which has little to do with what’s in most stores! Those of you from the north, you are in luck because they have a physical store in Bilbao (Rodríguez Arias nº29).

A little while ago they opened their online store our site and I was encouraged to try out how it worked, because I had signed several things from your GI! The first one I teach you is this top fucker! The quality is amazing, the fabric is soft and does not fit anything! Perfect for an arranged dinner or a quiet weekend plan!

The truth is that the quality/price is great, because this top has a price of 19.90and does not wear a loose thread, the fabric has an incredible color… I had a black in the same style, but last summer, And the truth is that I wanted to buy a similar one and in another color. But the ones I found had a worse quality… I found in the photos that I was going to meet my expectations… and the truth is that I have no words, I’m delighted!!!!!

I was hesitating between blue, white, pink and this … But the truth is that in green tones I had not seen it in any store, and I think my hair and skin color makes me feel better! Although I think that the clarito blue will fall as soon as I miss it, because it is ideal and you know that this season has given me strong for these colors 😉

If you are encouraged to buy at our site, with the code “REINA10” , You have a 10% discount and free shipping until April 2 !!

I combined it with the white Mango outlet skirt, which I showed you in the! The truth is that this green tone is also good with black, with jeans and even with brown colors! I have some sandals at home in Cancun that are going to look great, because they are skin colored!

The jacket I wear is my mother’s, I steal it from time to time because it is wide, comfortable, protects you from the cool of the afternoon but not be a hot item!

The bag and I showed it to you a few months ago, it’s from Longchamp and it was a gift from the Reyes Magos of Valencia 😉

Finally, the booties! You’ve seen them like a million times … I bought them at Pull & Bear a few years ago, taking advantage of the rebates !! And yes, I have put them like a thousand times because they stick with everything !!

What did you think today’s look? Do you like to discover new stores?

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