Too Much Technology

Who can’t get away from his Smartphone, can redeem at least temporarily it against a just phone with basic functions. Such equipment are specifically designed to be used as little as possible.

Usually, James Freeman sticks to his iPhone. One day a week but he removed the SIM card from the device and puts it in a similar to chic, but much less smart phone that is suitable only for conversations and simple text messages.

That of the Swiss company point manufactured phone looks rather older as a luxury product than as a normal cell phone. There’s no Internet access, no games and no apps. If he takes a taxi, must call Freeman, founder and CEO of Cafés and a Roastery called blue bottle coffee, at the Central Office. And he can write SMS, must settle but thus to enter the text using the numeric keys on the phone.

Freeman put away his iPhone once a week, “a million things interesting to be able to concentrate on that occur and are quiet, but much more significant than my Twitter stream”, he says. “That I not sure if I force myself not even.”

In fact, smartphones are so fascinating that you not must be surprised, that even more technology such as for example the simply phone point used to break its spell; Instead you could also just turned off a while or home leave. Peter Neby, founder and CEO of point, wants to help people by his own admission, to establish boundaries between private and professional life – limits, which were last out of focus, because you can work anytime, anywhere with your Smartphone.

“We are like kids in a candy store,” Neby says about our penchant for the Smartphone. “We eat too much of it and can not stop.” Point, simple electronics devices that will not disturb sold since 2006. A cordless phone as well as an alarm clock is one of the offer. The first simply phone that MP is 01, came last September on the market.

Most customers, which is a MP 01 buy, have also a Smartphone like Freeman. Some people can forward the calls from there because they have two SIM cards. According to Neby, his phone is often used weekend or at dinner of the Smartphone “to log out”. Phone users can then still, but they feel less distracted.

But it is not quite so easy also. Freeman admits that sometimes he fears the days without iPhone, to miss something. “It’s like, I’d get on the El Capitan without backup: I wonder if I have everything here.” It is dangerous to go this thing out of the House without? “, he reported.

According to Douglas Rushkoff, a media theorist and author of the books “present shock: when everything happens now” and “throwing rocks at Google bus”, people especially in new places so much on their phones are fixed, that they remind him of Mr. Spock from Star Trek, which explored an alien planet with his Tricorder. However, he is skeptical whether simpler devices such as the point phone can really alleviate our reliance on Smartphones.

He says “Seems to me, as these devices would make only susceptible to the onslaught of information – under the guise of autonomy and shielding”. “They’re a bit like the phone in the bathroom of a hotel room.”

Tang Joe Hollier and Kai hope, to be able to give people more control over their connectedness when they produce the light phone in this June, only $100 expensive telephone the size of a thick credit card. On the device, you can route calls from your Smartphone, but it works well independently. It has knobs on the surface, but when you turn it on, a number field and a tiny keyboard will appear. With a Smartphone app matching can be, who can reach the user on his mini phone while he can choose any even numbers, but send messages. “It’s really designed to be used as little as possible,” says Hollier.

Some people are apparently attracted to this idea: a Kickstarter campaign, light phone has collected 415,000 dollars last May and have been 5000 pre-orders for the phone.

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