TomTom Runner Watches

It is not easy to find metaphors that work with the new TomTom Runner 2. Or rather, I think only a musical with Pearl Jam. Their music is – more or less – always the same but, with each new album, know change; mature following a very precise their stylistic and recognizable. The same feeling I had when testing the new cardio-GPS from TomTom. The watch looks more or less the same, the interface also but the capabilities grow much and – above all – the motor under the hood has totally changed.

We have been given in test the most complete version, with integrated cardio and music, and the first thing you’ll notice is that this new model is more “slim” and with a less impressive, now also suitable for women’s wrists and – with dimensions – also decreases the weight. But what he added TomTom in this model? I got four: activity tracking, music player, multisport for all versions and – above all – a new heart rate sensor. In fact now the sensor is no longer produced by My but from South Africa LifeQ that actually makes it physically (Osram) but produces the software to read the data. And it is really very accurate.


I have tested the product in the race (the sport that interests you most, I suppose) that out of swimming and cycling and the feeling of simplicity and ease of use has always been the constant that has marked my impressions. All transactions are conducted using the big main button/joystick and, if you’re able to use your smartphone, almost certainly won’t need to read the instruction manual.

Once uploaded, you put it on your wrist and begins to run. Easy, isn’t it?! The acquisition of the satellites is extremely fast – thanks to QuickGPS which are all TomTom GPS – as this LED watch is precise and the GPS track is generated for kids. Sometimes so precise to report waste and crossings. A little less accurate is the calculation of the Flash pass that sometimes can score variations that actually there are but the variation margin is so minimal as to not be practically influential.

The TomTom Runner 2 expresses clearly his calling toward the runner in average feature set and display screens. From such a powerful tool you’d expect many values, configurable and customizable screens PC workouts but rather “Keep it simple” philosophy is to give you the main indications and afford so to enjoy the only important thing: your ride.

Within this ecosystem “included activity tracking features and music player. The TomTom Runner 2 is clearly designed to accompany you throughout your daily activities, not only in training. With the bluetooth headset you can listen your music (up to 3 GB) not only running but also on the bus on my way to work or you will register your business if you walk up to the school to give you the parameters on your daily movement. Until the next morning. Because – as many trackers of this type – also the Runner 2 follows you (and log) while you sleep.

In other sports (swimming and cycling) philosophy and capabilities of products will remain about the same: perfect for a triathlon enthusiast who wants a precise tool but that doesn’t require a degree in aerospace engineering to exploit all features.

I recommend?

Absolutely yes. The TomTom Runner 2 is perfect for the 98% of runners from all over the world: easy to use, with a very competitive price and extremely precise in measurements.With a starting price of € 149 for multisport GPS-only version (to which you can add a bluetooth heart rate monitor) up to 249 € GPS model, built around the wrist and cardio mp3 player, is a product that gathers technology, simplicity, reliability and design. You can hardly get more.