To Celebrate Fishing

What better way to celebrate the May 1 the activity that arouses so much passion? There are several options to enjoy. The traditional roast, on this day, may be accompanied by a nice rush.


The Cadillal appears as the best option. It’s close, it is fishing well and visitors can find some services offered in India Muerta. There, using very light equipment ( “trompitos”, “torombolos”, “gizmos” and “bold”) can be captured wpejerreyes. With bottom lines, however, they are catching catfish and some other tararira with dead lines. The crappie is the most effective bait. Tooled and dyed red, it is most effective to capture the “silver arrows”. In contrast to older pieces, they should be used whole or in halves.

Another advantage offered by this place is that there are the headquarters of clubs and regattas and fishing and hunting UNT. In both they can use their facilities (have grills and picnic areas) paying $ 20 per person. In the first boats to $ 200 per day are rented. Of course, if you’re a member, is not paid a penny for using the services and the boat leases to $ 100.


La Angostura also appears as a good option to enjoy fishing for kingfish. The last weekend pique reactivated so that the mud could capture specimens (using “anchored buoy”), in midwater ( “buoy working”) and afloat ( “gizmos” or “torombolos”). “Long ago I did a catch afloat and Sunday. Is fun and I recommend it, “said John Dandi, who knows very well the mirror is in the midst of the valley of Tafi.


When talking about the varied fishing the picture is a bit more complicated. If athletes take advantage of the holiday to arrange a tour of several days, the drinking option is to find different fishing sites of Santiago del Estero. According to the latest reports received, Bañado Figueroa, with its rowers, catfish and tarariras appear with a very good proposal. Yes, it has to be patient for the significant amount of palometas there.


more distant places like Loreto, Atamisqui and Looms are not shining as on other occasions. The reason is simple: the flow of the river Dulce is still important and the water is not yet entirely clear. Something similar happens in the near Termas de Rio Hondo sectors. However, despite this complication, entertaining are the days where mainly catfish, wolf fish are caught and some other vogue.


For those who do not have the chance to enjoy a weekend long weekend, have other options. The Front is a good alternative. The pique in the mirror is picking up considerably and it is very much about the appearance of the rowers. In addition to this species remain catches of catfish and wolf fish.


As regards tucumanos rivers, balance is more or less similar. The most important action are found in wells or the river mouths on the front. Catfish, bream and gold are the main attractions. It is recommended to care for the poor state in which are the roads. A Los Britos, according to Osvaldo said Oviedo, a specialist in fishing for these parts, can be reached without problems.
Two recommendations: do not skimp when choosing to take the bait. You can not miss shad, worms, guts chicken, beef heart, leeches, smelts, eels, frogs and mussels.The other: Remember that gold, in Santiago del Estero and in our province, is forbidden, so if you catch one, you should return it to continue to grow and in the not too distant future their children and grandchildren can catch one.