Tissot T-Touch Jungfrau Edition

Special souvenir: from August 1 watches can be bought on the Jungfraujoch from Tissot in an exclusive boutique.

Summer time is travel time: who after 1 August the Jungfraujoch, a classic destination, visited Switzerland, can there equal to his favorite watch from Tissot rise. There at 3454 metres above sea level the highest Tissot Boutique of the world opens this summer.

Already the journey up to the boutique is an adventure in itself. Visitors can have this experience a masterpiece of civil engineering in the history of the Swiss railways and captivated by the beauty of the Swiss mountain panorama. Arrived at the top of the boutique products are in an ultra-modern interior to the presents, while backlit walls are decorated with large black and white photos of the Tissot brand Ambassador campaign. The boutique design with its shiny and matte surfaces creates sent a rapid change of emotions: it stimulates the senses of visitors at once again to calm her down. The Boutique offers a wide range of Tissot products. This includes of course the Tissot Jungfraujoch railway collection, Tissot has created to pay tribute to the function as the official watch partner of the 100th anniversary of the mountain railway. The eight models, specially manufactured for this anniversary, Switzerland lovers all over the world give an Alpine feeling.