Tips Security Cameras with Interference

Hello in this article we will pass tips that will be very useful to decrease or even eliminate Interference from CCTV Security Cameras Phantom image and etc.

Tips Security Cameras with Interference

Tip 01:Camera installed too far from the Power Supply can cause interference even with a power failure, we recommend using a single source for the Security cameras.

Tip 02:Distance greater than 150 meters we recommend the use of UTP and Balum Network Cable of quality and for small distances there is no need to be UTP Cable and nor the use of Balum.

Tip 03:Check if you have seams because they can cause Noises too, we recommend that you do not have seams because all seams have losses.

Tip 04:Checking if the camera is working at its nominal current or near it if it is up is signal that the camera is overheating this can also cause interference.

Tip 05:Smears in the image of the IR Cameras signal clear that the CMOS or RGB component is damaged, problem that has the need to change the CMOS Security Camera.

Tip 06:Camera with Infrared with problem we read or failing, usually we have to do a test in the consumption of the camera see if the real is arriving what is demanded by it.

With these tips you can eliminate simpler problems but if the tips were not useful make your comment so our team can help you.