Tips on What Shoes to Wear

No matter what skirt length, with the current shoe fashion can be any Oktoberfest outfit skillfully complete. The footwear is in fact just as varied as the dirndl fashion. From pumps over boots, high heels and sandals to ballet flats, everything can be combined with the Dirndl outfit.

Tips on What Shoes to Wear

The classic: Pumps for Dirndl

They are the classic among women’s shoes and can in any season, in any weather, of course, be worn for Dirndl: the Pumps. In addition, it is the women’s shoes low Variations inJEPO online store to buy. For the mature woman, there are classic and elegant models that make a good impression in everyday life. In contrast, the younger generation expects playful Pumps with decorative details and bow. Moreover, the sale of shoes less than ten centimeters is generally high, so you can walk safely on poorly surfaced roads. With a slightly wider paragraph therefore a long stroll through the festival grounds is nothing in the way.

The following combination possibilities exist with Pumps:

-For Knee-length dirndl heel shoes are ideal. This is because the shoes accentuate the feminine side and your legs look stretch.
-Even for ankle-length dirndl itself Pumps prove as a real eye-catcher. Lovingly selected eyecatcher ensure that particular Pumps Peep-toes look simple yet seductive, and you like to look away it hardly, if this come to light under the Dirndlsaum.

Boots for Dirndl: Practical companions in any weather

Whoever believes boots Oktoberfest outfit had a break in style, which is wrong. If you pay attention to small details, the ladies shoes drop low as stylishly and skilfully with the costume combine as Pumps.

In the selection of boots you should always pay attention to:

-The shoes should have a paragraph, thus they act much more feminine.
-The colors of Dirndl and shoes should necessarily be matched. Otherwise, the boots are too strong contrast and just too coarse to fine costume.

Women’s shoes for special occasions: High Heels for Dirndl

With a minimum heel height of ten centimeters are the high heels, low as ladies shoes, synonymous with femininity and elegance. This is because these legs stretch like no other pair of shoes and the woman acts by even more desirable. Especially in combination with a short Dirndl, the below or above the knee ends, the shoes are an absolute eye catcher.

Recommended women’s shoes are especially favorable for a short visit to the festival grounds or evening tour because the high heels are not made for running in the scrum.

Sandals and ballerinas for Dirndl: Airy shoe models for hot days

Lightweight sandals with or without heel are the ideal companions for all who wish to enjoy some fresh air her feet. So shoes do not slip, this can be fixed by straps and adjustable buckles on foot. This offer women’s shoes low even on very hot summer days, a high level of comfort.

Also established for Dirndl have become the popular ballerinas. The flat shoes are popular with girls and young women, as they are easy and extremely comfortable with both the versatile rides provide a secure grip while dancing on the picnic table as well as a fast ride.

Then you should look for sandals and ballerinas:

-Select suitable color models of the costume.
-Bypass footwear with toe separators, since the change in style for Dirndl simply would be too great.
-Women may like low shine through applications. However, these should be chosen unanimously for Oktoberfest dress code.