Tips on Sports Safety

Tips on Sports SafetyThere are a lot of athletes freedom?? Choosing the road. The only time of necessity and other times out much free will. It does not mean that the road often do not provide for it. Safety first?? But what should you do?

Public road

If the road is already a good and safe delineation of the various actors, the athlete is not expected there to. And it’s not so strange, because there would be haalbar. That is, as an athlete looking for the open road, you must organize the security of the true self. And then of course, you always have to rely on other road users, but it applies to all participants in traffic.

Find your course

If, for example cycling, then the way is usually the best place. The mountain can visit the forest and track cyclist has special features, but makes mileage cyclist who wants to go, depends on.
Likewise, the runner of long distance. Of course, runners on the track of your feet, but who wish to make kilometers, running Prefer often not only 400 meters laps. And there are many more athletes who can handle better on the road. But it is directly linked to that you should also think about your own safety.

Safe road

Safe on the road is no guarantee for the home safely, but it is for life. Safe on the road is a good basic place that you will be seen and carries the right materials that will contribute to the process of safety. In random order a number of things that can contribute to increased safety.
It starts with a route running, cycling, etc. that are as safe as possible. If you can avoid busy parts do not hesitate to do so. You do not need to search insecurity and although each one’s own responsibility, not everyone takes this.
If you have chosen the best path it is also about your own behavior. Like the other road user that you should take, this also applies vice versa. If you want to turn off, and you put your hand out but another may not know you have this plan. And there are plenty of clues that you can use in traffic and for yourself and increase security.
Probably the most basic, but also the most important form of security. Make sure you are visible. And then, in the literal sense, because that is where security. The runner example, are particularly vulnerable on the road. When a sidewalk is already there, but this is not always good. You take the bike path that may or may not lie directly along the highway. All road users that you need to see and it is important to look at your clothes, but also shoes and lose your lighting.
There’s shirt and pants that has reflective stripes incorporated into clothing. If you look at it so that it does not fall, but you seem to shine when you suddenly run these jobs and so look out a signal to other road-users. The same applies to sports shoes, also there are several brands that sell shoes with reflectors. Yellow or orange reflective vests for the clothes we feel from road workers and are very striking. Much better than it this way, you can not be seen.
But there are also individual lights up the arm, leg or even can tie head. Usually treated with elastic and Velcro and lights may flicker or constantly illuminated. The naked bulb arm also see quite often with cyclists, especially when they have no light on the bike.
Safety Clothing
All veiligheidsmanregelingen Although it can still go wrong. For a motorist did you spend a little bit, but it still does not hurt to have the proper safety attire. Think of your jackets you wear breathable sportswear. These include extra-thick elbow pads, shoulder pads and / or neck. The trousers to protect knees and shins and sometimes the buttocks. Not all clothing provides enough flexibility for the athlete, but there are brands that have processed the material well in flowing durable clothing. Often expensive, but you do it?? If it’s good?? also very durable.


Safety is something that every road user must pay attention, but if you belong to the most vulnerable group, it is especially important here-for yourself-to pay attention.