Tips on How to Use the Leather Purse

In summer or in any season, what every woman wants is to load the style, beauty and practicality in tow. To fulfill this mission, has no item is more efficient than the national, since they are accessories that combine all these features. Big or small, classic or deprived, the bags already conquered an area that no one else can fill. The leather, then! These are timeless and remain synonymous with elegance, year after year.

Speaking of leather bags, how about checking out some tips to compose looks amazing this summer? Like the idea? So come with us!

Full of style and personality

Okay that leather purses tend to be beautiful, but that’s not why you’re going to use it without any discretion. They should emblazon with the rest of the look and, above all, with your personality.

When we talk about ake, doesn’t mean that everything has to be strictly combinadinho. Harmony in production should exist, but not necessarily through the combination of colors and textures alike. The reference sets can make things different and contrasting discussions among themselves.

It is also important to keep an eye on proportions. This means that if you have delicate traits and body mignon, nothing to choose a huge bag!

The colors of the season

The summer isn’t just the hottest season of the year, as well as one of the most colourful. At this time it is possible to abuse the tropical colors of color blocking, compositions of vibrant shades and nuances. Yes! In the summer it is allowed to almost everything, even the bags, Tri and printed in two colours.

In the case of colored handbags, they are perfect with plain or printed clothing. Us looks “Total White”, a touch of colour on the leaves the wonderful visual portfolios. It’s nice to bet on green flag, lime, yellow, blue, Pink or Red, Coral. If you opt for a set or dress, the preference is that you choose a smooth clutch, without many details and refer to any information contained in print.

For a summer folk more

Some time over the folk style has been card stamped in fashion editorials. The mix of laces, fringes and ethnic details has made success on the catwalks and in the streets. In the summer, to get the style stripped folk universe proposed, it is interesting to combine patterned and light dresses, with saddle-bags, of medium size, with fringes or eyelets. The earthy tones, nude, mustard or coffee are excellent requested to compose the visual folk. Feet, abotinados, oxfords or suede Sandals completed the look!

A touch of romance

If you do the most romantic line, bet on handbags, with pale tones and have a smaller size. Bags in colors beige, nude, pink and off white fulfill this role.

Prefer leather purses not very structured and not the bags, since they make the sport look. The saddle-bags are perfect for a romantic look, just orná them with floral dresses, shorts with lace details and guipir lesie dresses. The mixture of textures is overwhelming!

A bit of metal.

You’re wrong if you think that the details, labels, metal spikes and eyelets are unique to winter. In the summer this influence rocker still stands. In addition to the metallic accessories, you can find handbags which matte tones and bi-metallic in a single model. This is the case, for example, of our bag-leather Squares Bag, available in colors with Brown.

To compose a look with bags containing metallic accessories combine them with shorts frayed, faded jeans, t-shirts and ankle boots heavier. Is rock ‘n’ roll, without losing the femininity. In the case of bags with metallic tones, the ideal is that the clothes don’t have brightness and no exaggeration, because these handbags usually call enough attention.

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