Tips on Fishing Bait in Winter

Do you want to get bitten during the cold winter?

For many fishermen winter is a time to keep the reeds. Sometimes, it is also necessary to share time with our wife and family …. But often also need some rest and recharge for next season.

I prefer, during the winter months, rest walk from shore, on the other hand are deserted at this time. For me, the tranquility and the winter weather produce the best times to be at the forefront of water. But above all, catching a tent in the frigid winter water gives me enough to go to full capacity next year energy. I know, is not a station you like fishing everyone, but for fishermen like me, who can not sit comfortably on the sofa without constantly thinking about fishing, are all advantages. We found the rest we need in the water. In addition, most fishermen are at home, comfortably and heat of the stove. And there are very few willing to dip their gear. Usually, you are alone and can find fish in the point you want without anyone bothering you.

Why so few fishermen we see during the winter months? It may be by the belief that a tent is not catchable at this time. This idea is supported by many fishermen, but we know that with proper preparation, we are very capable of capturing a tent in midwinter. Especially when it comes to catch the biggest fish in a body of water. When I look at my fishing sessions in winter, and the number of large fish I caught, no doubt, this is my season number one!


There are some important things that we as fishermen we must consider, even more than in the warmer months. good preparation to capture a tent in winter is necessary.We need to make the right decisions and ask: what things should really consider getting ensalabrar a tent in the winter? You will have to analyze the behavior of the tent during the cold months, but also must take appropriate measures to make your stay in the water as pleasant as possible. To make a long too this article, I’ve put on paper the 4 points that have helped me during my winter sessions.

Tips on bait for winter


A fish is a cold-blooded animal and this means that the body temperature of a tent is equal to the water where nothing. Approximately four to five degrees Celsius. Unlike spring water temperature in winter it is very stable. You can imagine that a tent with a body temperature of between four and five degrees hardly shows any sign of activity.This fact is the basis for further work as fishermen. If all decisions keeping in mind the above, will have a chance to throw down some tents.


A carp can survive all winter without eating anything. It is a scientific evidence, including the digestive organ of a tent is reduced during this season. This means, for us, we have to minimize the amount of bait as every particle of food that falls into the water can saturate a tent. Choose carefully the water mass attack in winter as in many highly pressured waters you can see that the fish are very passive in the fall.This is because the tents are already fully saturated before it starts the real winter. So much food has made them so fat and lazy that there is no way to encourage them to continue eating during the winter. Understand that this water has very little chance to catch a fish during the winter.


On the other hand, it is true that if you regularly eat small amounts of a specific bait for the cold season, can stimulate the digestive system of a tent, which even at low temperatures still working. If you re-read carefully the above lines come to the conclusion that the bait is one of the most important in winter fishing aspects. If we put things on our side, we will consider not only the bait and method of pre-priming, but also the history of water. The following tips can help you without any doubt:

  • Cebe with caution to avoid saturating the fish.Instead of using boilies whole, split them or shred them. The tents not saturate quickly. The fine particles are much more attractive boilie in the water around the boilie or medium. In addition, with this type of priming will prevent any remaining stay next time you go baiting. Small particles of food are definitely an advantage during the frigid months.
  • Personally, I like to use baits very attractive bait, so I try to give carp an incentive that makes it back for more subconsciously.This makes possible anzuelar a tent.
  • A simple hook bait is my favorite, with a small PVA bag Solidz that filled with small pieces of boilie.This gives you an added attraction to your bait hook without danger of saturating the fish.
  • If you pre-primed, use a bait rich in fiber, it is an ingredient that stimulates the digestive system of the tent, therefore, carp need to eat before reaching the saturation point.
  • Boilies are a good bait, but my preference is the asticot winter.I have already met on several occasions that carp are not fed boilies or particles. Only when I put a handful of worms with my bait bait “alive” I got the tents to move to the bottom to feed. In winter, especially, the use of a clip full of worms is great advice!