Tips for Wearing Pantyhose

The 15th century was the starting point for the tights. Goods then reserved only to men the stockings knee socks, they are, at least since the 60s a garment that is a must no longer woman. Whether nylon, knitted or network: nine important points about the tights!

1. As Hold Tights Longer?

As soon as you put on the fine nylon pantyhose, you’ve got a run. Tights can last longer than you think: The finer the tights, the more sensitive it is. When tightening you should make sure that you have not cracked heels or fingernails. Washing You should the thigh high best hand.By the way: An old tip from Omis budget are: The nylon tights before the first bear put into the freezer.

2. If Only a Run Time in it, How Can You Mend This?

A rough table edge to close passed by the garden hedge or but too long fingernail: A Laufmasche arose quickly. But there is a trick, but to save the tights yet. For your pinselt on the ladder with transparent nail polish. This is possible but only if the ladder “fresh” and not even the whole leg down has eaten. The technology from the beginnings of tights is called incidentally minor repaired. However, this is very complicated, because you have to go back every lost crochet stitch again.

3. How to Wash a Pair Of Tights?

When washing, it depends on the tights. Tights, for example, of Falcon, can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees after each use. It recommended a washing bag and the lowest spin cycle. A previous soaking should be avoided. Uses most liquid mild detergent and no powder, since this can dispense not so good. After washing, the tights should not be wrung even tumble dried.

4. What is THE in Tights?

Each tights has a name: DEN. The abbreviation THE means yarn weight per 9000 meters in grams. The higher the DEN-value, the heavier the yarn, the denser the mesh structure of the tights. Most socks start at 10 DEN and are very thin and suitable for summer. From 40 DEN, the stitches are so dense that the pantyhose is opaque. Anything goes 70 DEN are opaque cotton tights or knitted tights for the winter. Incidentally, there are also tights with support classes, which is determined by the heel pressure. There are four different classes of low support (Class 1) to strongly support similar with preventive effect as compression stockings (class 4).

5. What Pantyhose Makes You Slim?

Basically, Matt makes you slim. On shiny fabrics you should refrain, if you will achieve leaner legs. Even the color is what matters. Slim make tone-on-tone styles, so a black pantyhose to black shoes. Incidentally, black tights provide rather for a sleek look as Nude-colored specimens. So-called Body Shape pantyhose conceal optimally small problem areas on the thighs or buttocks. And with the right patterns women can get the best out of her legs: For not very thin or long legs discreetly dark patterned tights can work wonders. For example, a pair of tights with small dots or with a subtle mesh look. Refrain You should gaudy mesh pattern and stripes. These patterns allow the leg appear stocky.

6. What Tights Size Do I Have?

Often woman stands in front tights shelf: S, M or L would prefer? How do I find the right size for my tights? This style is based on the length of the tights, but not the width. The appropriate size can only be found by testing. Because the different manufacturers use different size. If in doubt, you should always take a size bigger, but the pantyhose leg should not be loose. Pay attention when buying that sufficient elastane is processed. This gives a little more leeway. How to test whether the size or fit? Pull gently on the thigh a little on substance.Five to six centimeters should be able to pull the tights of the skin. Ten centimeters too much, two centimeters are enough.

7. How Rum Pulling On Tights?

How often do you wonder at a tights: Where is it now really over? This is not marked with a tights. It often degenerates into installments if no tag is incorporated on the waistband. A note is the crotch gusset of the tights. Where two seams are stitched, the rear portion of the tights.Some tights a heel is already incorporated. This must point to the rear. Many tights but it does not matter how rum attracts them.

8. How to Keep Your Tights On The Most?

Especially stockings should not be stored haphazardly in the closet. The easiest way is to package the tights in a plastic bag and protect her like this. Practically, the way old cardboard boxes, where baubles were individually wrapped. There you your tights can just put in each tray.

9. What are The Current Trends Pantyhose?

Tights are a mixed trend this year. In all colors the opaque leg warmers are acceptable. Also known as tights or leggings are wonderful. Combined with sneakers and a Short they make for a sporty look. But the transparent, gossamer tights with mesh look like Elbeo they are offering absolutely hip and to be on the party. The big hit is the way black transparent tights with small strikes embroidered elements, such as dots or hearts.