Tip Commune with Your Phone [Tip]

Missing snerydningen? or penetrates the cycle path for overlapping? Then you can give the municipality message with this app.

If the asphalt is missing on the bike path, trees topples over pavement or snerydningen is missing, it is now easier to predict the municipality. With a few clicks in the app ‘give a hint’ gives you the municipality direct message.

Tip Commune with Your Phone [Tip]

It is not more difficult than sending than picture message. In ‘give a hint’ takes a photo of the problem, after which category and comment will be mapped. GPS coordinates downloaded automatically and the municipality now know exactly what and where to paste.

The app is now nationwide and automatically selects the municipality to be tipped. You need no specialist knowledge within the municipality limits, for sending the hint to the appropriate municipality.

The submitted information gives municipalities a larger overview and puts your hint on agenda. It’s not all municipalities participating in the ‘ give-a-hint yet. Below you can see if your municipality is with in the give-a-hint.

Give-a-hint the app is free and is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Big. A Windows Phone variant is under development. You can read more about the give-a-hint at givetpraj.nu.

Intergraph Denmark a/s, which is behind the app develops and provides software for, among other things, municipalities, utilities and emergency area. Intergraph is also behind a number of apps both for public use, among others, the official 112-app.