Timecode, The Spanish Short Film Created with Final Cut Pro X Which Has Been Nominated for an Oscar

This Sunday, February 26 will be held one more year the Oscar ceremony, and as always one of those awards will be for the best short film. And this year both Apple and we ourselves can be proud, because a short entitled Timecode filmed in Spain is one of the candidates to receive the Oscar.

And why Apple has to be also proud of this short film? Maybe because It has been edited entirely using Final Cut Pro X. Directed by Juanjo Giménez, it’s about two security guards each one with a different turn for monitored underground parking.

A week-end and two Macs for ages 7-9

Apple said in a press release Juanjo shot short in a weekend with “minimal budget” and which used Final Cut Pro X for post-production using a 2008 MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro 2010. Its original duration is 18 minutes, although there has been a version of fifteen to comply with the requirements of the Cannes film festival and win one of his Golden Palms.

It is the first time that Juanjo uses Final Cut Pro X to edit one of his short films, and it seems that the result of their efforts has paid off. You can see the official website of Timecode here, and this Sunday we will see if the short stays with Oscar standing out above the rest of nominees.