Tiffany and Co Yellow Diamond Ring

This year we saw unfortunately still too rarely – the Sun in all its splendour. Shy, she hides behind clouds and let them go first. So that we don’t forget, what lively and warm yellow she dresses, we imagine today just a few magical gems the sky planet – at least colour – emulate.

Rings from Tiffany & co. with yellow diamonds framed by Pink and white diamonds, blue sapphires, or orange Spessartinen

Bright and fruity, with a hint of lemon, the yellow diamonds in the luxury jewellery from Tiffany glitter & co. they are accompanied radiant white siblings who Flirt in a Sun-shaped Medallion (cover photo) with Keshiperlen from their. In the cheerful and elegant rings, the yellow Fancy Diamonds are also at the heart. Either pink, pink gold 750 diamonds, sapphires, or Spessartites that are accentuated by white diamonds make a pretty border.

Drachenfels design: pendants and rings from the collection castles, Lemoncitrine in Silver 925

Who give preference to prefer color precious stones, is design maybe in the opulent collection of Castle of Drachenfels his favorites. Big Lemoncitrine set the tone and be remember by powerful silver peaks, medieval castles. The sunny jewel in the necklace is 44 ct. the largest. The fingers can be still 15 ct. great Lemoncitrine plug, sparkles in the small castle ring a 8 ct. large stone.

Noelani: ring from the collection of Firefly with yellow and white cubic zirconia

Or Sun for a very small budget should it be there? Then, the young brand Noelani can help out. Cubic zirconia set glittering accents in yellow and white in the jewels of the collection of Firefly. Whether playful in flower shape like the wide ring of the statement or a delicate highlight in the teardrop-shaped earrings (title image) – the sparkling pieces bring a touch of glamour to everyday life and awaken the desire for cloudless summer days.

TeNo: from the collection of TeNo woman leather bracelet. Hem leather with integrated cable, lock in satin stainless steel.

, Who would however not of precious and sparkly stones distracted, but yellow enjoy the pure, saturated color, is the perfect companion in TeNo. The jewelry brand from Pforzheim has this year the collections of TeNo woman and partner TeNo expanded with exciting color beauties. So, there’s the new MemoRo trailers with interchangeable decorative rings in 18 bright colours. They also appear in the new narrow rings (cover image), which can be worn solo or as additional ring. Round pendant and earrings also operate from this color palette and the new leather bracelets are available in 18 – including sunny yellow – available. Practical: learn In the current color flyer of TeNo, where some of the novelties are presented, just more about the meaning of each color. To yellow is to learn: „ color of the Sun and of the imagination, stands for light and stimulant. Yellow is awake and creative. “ in this sense, we wish you a creative and inspiring and sunny weekend!

Photos: manufacturer

Title image: Medallion by Tiffany & co. with a yellow diamond 3.6 CT. cushion-cut, white gold 750, surrounded by diamonds and Keshiperlen in Platinum. Rings collection TeNo stainless steel with yellow ceramic inlay Teno, woman. Earrings with yellow and white cubic zirconia from the collection of Firefly by Noelani.