Thong Underwear is Injurious to Health?

The thong is considered one of the most interesting s of the female wardrobe. Many women like to use it, because they feel more attractive. Other not so much, because they value a lot for comfort and well-being.

Thong brings risks?

If you’re one of the women who use this kind of panties very often, not only in special moments, you have to be very careful and know that: the thong can be harmful to your health.

As they have a smaller thickness, tend to have more contact with the vaginal region anally and in this way the vagina is more exposed and the risk of infection increases.

Another negative factor of thong panties is that they facilitate the occurrence of urinary tract infections also.

And if you use just once in a while?

If you wear panties thong sporadically, don’t worry! They are only dangerous to health if they are used every day.

Other factors also make the fact of using everyday thong dangerous. The more the fabric is synthetic, the greater the risk of infection. Do you know why? Because in addition to contamination through exposure, the synthetic fabrics hamper the natural evaporation of sweat and vaginal secretion.

The cotton-based fabrics absorb sweat better, but do not prevent the infection does not occur.

You must have another very important care too! Fairer and thick clothes, such as jeans, can traumatize the vaginal mucosa or skin vulvar and perianal according to therightbras, making infections by breaking the protective barrier to the skin or mucosa represent.

What is the ideal panties?

Opt for soft panties , maleáveis and respect your body,because allow sm increased ventilation in the genital region, absorb sm the sweat and vaginal moisture, avoiding traumas such as those thong panties cause.