This is the new brand of TIM

He launched officially on Friday (15) its new brand in Brazil. The symbol, which began to be exposed to “mysterious” way in street furniture in recent days is the same as the company has adopted in his country in January, when he abandoned the old name Telecom Italia.

The new brand is being used on the official website of TIM from midnight. The operator continues to bet on red, blue and white as the three logo colors, but simplified the symbol, which shall be formed by lines with rounded corners, where you can see a “T” capital.

Despite the change in the logo, there is no technical changes to the products to be offered by TIM, except for the Live TIM name, which is now called TIM Live. The pricing remains the same, and service channels.

According to the operator, the new icon “is redefining the look of the trigram, the three red wave that characterized the previous logo TIM”.Minimalism is a stark contrast to the Hi, which also recently renewed its mark, but adopted 70 different formats with a gradient of very bright colors.

In Brazil, TIM will use the slogan “Evolve is doing differently,” which is the recent changes of the company, such as charging for calls independent of the operator and the lead in 4G coverage.