The Waist More Fine Than a Sheet of Paper and Other 6 Follies That Run Social Networks in Terms of The Figure of The Woman

The social networks they like, and there is no doubt that contributed many advantages to our daily lives. But they also have disadvantages that you are very difficult to stop. Some of which concern us most are those that refer to the female anatomy. Instagram, for the visual component, takes the cake as the social network that extends the greater aesthetic Follies (or unattractive).

In recent weeks, has jumped to the present the A4 Challenge, a challenge between Instagram users seeking to demonstrate that its waist It is not wider than the narrow part of a sheet of A4 size paper, i.e. 21 cm. It may seem incredible and impossible, but the truth is that every day more and more girls join the challenge.

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We are not going to have a waist 21 cm is more or less insane. The way of knowing the ideal volume of our own waist is to compute the Body mass index, consult a doctor or… better yet, let’s just take a healthy life, with one balanced diet y accept our own body without letting ourselves be influenced by fashion or, worse yet, to social networking trends.

In the last days, We found a new challenge so probably terrifying like the others. The iPhone 6 Challenge is to show that a iPhone 6 (13,81 centimetres wide) covers both knees of the user. This trend has emerged, as many others, at the Asian social network Weibo, and it threatens to extend to our Instagrams and Twitters.

This is not the first time that social networks develop in the breeding ground of madness unhealthy and degrading. A4 Challenge is the direct heir of the Belly Button Challenge (Challenge of the navel), emerged in 2015 in China, and that it was to reach the belly button with the hand, moving the arm behind the body. Kind of:

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The summer is a bad ally for the Exhibitionism in social networks the body itself. Thus arose the Bikini Bridge, the trend following those users that showed your beach photos with ones Hip bones so outstanding that formed a kind of bridge by which the waistband at the bottom of the bikini did not come to touch the skin.

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The legs they have been the protagonists of other two unhealthy trends. The first is the Thigh Gap, that shows how the thighs of a woman may not touch at any time due to its extreme thinness.

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The other slashing already ridiculous. The Hot Dog Legs It is a challenge which aims to show the Sun as if legs of two sausages it were. As much as we try, fail to see the sexy legs compare with a sausage meat, but the truth is that every summer, our social networks are flooded from images of beach with this so-called trend.

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Less known but equally dangerous would be the Collarbone Challenge (Challenge of the clavicle), in which grace consists of placing coins on the the clavicle bone to demonstrate the marking that it is.

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All of these trends they may seem ridiculous (that are) and surface (that also you are). But, above all, are dangerous. Pressure on the own figure is a risk for anyone, but it affects special viciously in the younger girls. And it is they who spend more time on social networks. We have spent many years knowing what are the health hazards treat the thinning to the end. Eating disorders, depression, underweight… too serious concepts to trivialize them through so-called challenges among users of social networks.

Good news there is in all this. If you are looking for in Instagram the hashtag #A4challenge, a large number of results we refer to users who reject the challenge, ridicule him or encourage more young girls to accepted such as son and take care of your health. Bravo!

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