The Video of UNICEF Which Will Put You Hair Stand on End (And If You Have More Daughters)

Sometimes, the reality can be very misleading. And more terrifying than any novel of fiction you can read. The video that has made the United Nations Children’s Fund is entitled “looks like a fairytale wedding, except for a small detail” and is carried out in collaboration with Bridal Musings, one of the most influential blogs about weddings. And you anticipate that nothing romantic in it there is.

We love weddings, but they should be happy events, free of dramas, Festival which celebrates the union of two people who love each other, freely and without obligations. However, not all weddings are so. Some are perfect at first glance… until you realize a small detail that leaves you breathless.

Each year 15 million girls are forced to marry and UNICEF has long been struggling to educate all of this terrible problem. In addition to this video, the Organization you are implementing programs to combat child marriage making information campaigns in the communities, protecting women who want to get out of that situation and implementing a programme of economic aid so that children can continue attending school.

And it is that child marriage is a violation of the rights of the children under age 18. Those girls who marry during their childhood are more likely to quit school, domestic, or terrible violence, die due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, child marriage harms the economies and leads to intergenerational cycles of poverty. If you are worried about this issue, please do not hesitate to share this video.

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