The Surprising Gastona Fishing

The Gastona, one of the rivers most traveled by tucumanos fishermen within days became a surprise. There is producing a festival of varied fishing. The huge catfish, the rowers portly and some other challenging tararira are the species that are providing many emotions.


Carlos Alvarez, renowned fishing guide Termas de Rio Hondo, surprised friends and strangers uploading photos and videos on Facebook about the great days that lived in the bed of the river. There is no doubt that became the destination for this weekend.

“It was a crazy thing. We fished catfish all measures based on TransportHint, but we got to capture several more two and three kilos, “says José Amador Briz excited, a fan of varied walking fishing rivers in the province.


He was the one who took franco sbuttoni and Cristian Menendez, Atletico players, to fish the Bay area of Los Brito. “Those day we fished at the mouth of the canal DP2.There we get very good rowers, but did not go back because I felt very bad smell and no fish activity. Other monkeys told me they had found dead fish, but found none. And no wonder that to happen because there are going to stop all waste wit Florida, “says indignantly.


The fisherman, desperate to find a new destination, climbed into his boat. He sailed nose to the mouth of the Gastona. There went up the river about six kilometers until he found the enchanted place. “We tried a drift which proved very successful. We put together a very light equipment. With a typical line of a hook and with a lead of five grams. We incarnated with whole mojarras and started nailing mustaches. There were some that were really beautiful, “he says Hay Pique.



The fisherman said his secret was to have never stopped. The boat let her go with the flow, but he put a matafuego a kilo for the ride was much smoother. “With the same bait we had several resentments of rage that had an incredible fight. That yes, we must be very attentive because they often escape into the sticks and is practically impossible to remove them “said Briz.


In the absence of gold, tarariras also provide many emotions. “We also captured several specimens of this species. But in this case, we did throwing very close to the shore. They had no problems with taking the bait crappie “he says.


The experienced fisherman is surprised because so far the rowers do not appear. “It strikes me that are as yet inactive. Let’s wait a couple of days to see if the itch is regularized, “he explains.


On the baits used on these tours Briz did not give too many turns to tell what were the most successful. “I usually carry everything. But the whole rendidores baits were bream, shad fillet salty that I keep in the refrigerator for three days, beef heart and chicken guts. Actually, we must have everything, “he said in the talk.


The fisherman swears will not stay with this experience. “I really want to go try on the Marapa. I’m sure there must also be very nice for fishing, “he predicts. And do not be mistaken.


In that river, in the place known as El 14, they went to try his luck Federico Conrad, Dario Daruiche, Juan Brunet and Hernan Sosa. And the results were more than positive. “We get very good size catfish, some medium bogas and tarariras large size.It was a very nice surprise to have had very good results, “Hay explained Pique.


Certainly something is happening in our rivers. Experts say that increasing the water flow is solely responsible for this great present. On the one hand, the species could reproduce normally and have the food they need to grow, but on the other, the growing frightened the furtive everything devastate their murderous networks. Now we have to take care of fishing sites to continue enjoying this and much more.