The Perfect Tea Party

Today I want to tell you the story of a perfect tea party. Yes and where stories begin normally? Right at the beginning.
A beautiful evening in the summer, I went in my home to Stuttgart, to go jogging in the nearby forest. On the way there, I walked past a skyscraper and there someone seemed to dispel his apartment. I wanted to check on my rounds what so all out had done the person. On the way back, the bunch was then already quite large and to my delight I, a beautiful tea trolley under all the furniture discovered. Some exhausted I dragged this thing to my home and decided to organize from now only be beautiful tea parties. Thus, we could be at the Happy ending. Yes, if there isn’t something would be missing. The perfect tea service. Just go to the store and buy, I couldn’t. It had to be already vintage. So, I decided on the day that I every Saturday will visit the wonderful flea market on the Karlsplatz now and again to stop when I had found enough. So, I made myself so every Saturday morning on the way to the city and strolled off the flea market. From a Cup, two were from a coaster, four were on a good day and the large dish also quite quickly multiplied. In the evening I unpacked the sweetie always and put them on my trolley full of pride. Eventually, I came across the idea to seek even cutlery from It should be silver and not a spoon could be like the others. Then came the move to China and moved to Nuremberg. All the treasures were in the basement. But after a long search, the place and the day on which all my treasures were again allowed to light came with the new apartment. Now missing only the right guests. Who is already a tea party for himself alone?
With my sugary blogger girls here from Nuremberg, the perfect guests were quickly found. All my little plates and cups should finally have a big scene. On Saturday, I went here in Nuremberg in a wonderful florist and immediately fell in love in this wonderfully colorful carnations. I knew they were just perfect. Of course also something sweet is a good tea. I always knew that on these plates beautifully colorful Macarons would feel contented. Since I lacked the time to bake, I also honestly have never tried and I know the shop which produces the delicious particles, I decided to buy them. A few mini cupcake were allowed even with, simply because they looked great chocolates.
On Sunday I had then a huge pleasure to set everything up and prepare. The girls then came and we were comfortably sitting at the table, it realized suddenly. Just as I had imagined at the time after jogging…

Happy ending

I would like to still cordially Vanessa, Anni, Anne, Pazi and Jackson . Without you, the tea party would have been not so great! You were all wonderful guests < 3