The Needle Fishing – Complete Manual and Fishing Equipment

Today at PescaCosmar we teach you the fishing of Needle, a very particular species that represents great moments of fun for the novice fishermen, and a perfect specimen to use as bait of great predators to troll. Here you will find basic tips and small tricks to ensure the successful capture of elusive needles, as well as information on the species and the best fishing equipment to catch them.

Knowing the Needle

The needle is a fish easily recognizable by its elongated shape and its prominent jaw, similar to that of a bird when it ends in a beak, which also exceeds several times the length of its own head. Belongs to the family of the Belonids and travel in small schools looking for small fish and squid. If they do not catch them before, they can live up to 18 years.

La Aguja lives in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Black Sea and in the Atlantic Ocean, very popular in the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores.


Unlike other fish, the Needle is fairly easy to find since it likes to swim near the surface, it is quite common to find them near the coasts where there are rocks, docks or fish banks. In summer and autumn they come much closer to the shore, while in winter and spring they can be found half-way to a slightly greater depth.


Before reaching sexual maturity, they usually have a small and fragile size, so they prefer to live in schools. Later on they surpass the 30 cm and the sexual maturity, usually stay with a pair and to separate of the group. However in hunting season, they are grouped again in small schools with little more than 10 specimens.


The Needle is 100% carnivorous, usually fed on small fish and crustaceans, but when it finds squid, these become its main diet, otherwise it occurs when there is little food and opt for plankton.


On the sides it has a coloration between blue and dark green, while the lower part of the belly is completely silver. It also stands out for having yellow eyes and a skeleton tinted green.


The average catch is around 60 cm, however they can reach the meter in length.


Needles are usually one of the favorite snacks of Tunas and Bonitos, even dolphins that will not let pass a school of adult needles.

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Other Species

Curiously, there are other species of Needles that differ greatly from the previous descriptions, it is the imperial needle that is much larger and fatter, silver in color, it usually delves into more distant and deeper waters and are predators more voracious. And the Mule Needle, rather smaller and lanky, very thin and of green ocher colors and dark yellowish spots, has a compressed snout that acts as a sucker for its prey.

The Needle Fishing

According to bestfishingessentials, although not a coveted fish for the gastronomy, the Needle is an excellent bait for the fishing of great predators as the Tuna and Bonito, its trail and its appearance immediately attract these fish, reason why its capture is a step Essential if you want to go to larger days.

Needle fishing can be very fun because it creates a lot of resistance when you nail it, however you have to be very careful and tenacious, since its beak helps you to easily disengage from the hook.

The best time of year to find Needles is March and April, as it will be during these months that the great specimens will be closer to the coast. As time passes they drift away and in winter it is almost impossible to find good specimens.

Needle Fishing From The Coast

The most appropriate technique for fishing Needles from shore is to Buoy, since the Needles do not swim in the depths but in the surface. We recommend using a short line bass, to submerge to a maximum of one or two meters and do not throw directly to the fish bank, but a few meters farther, so that you take swimming gradually to the needles.

Fishing Tackle For Needles From Shore

The recommended fishing rods long over 7 meters, light and allow launch a large distance without destroying the bait, the reel for its part must be highly corrosion resistant and sealed to keep out dirt, on the size And the brake does not require too much power, we will need more power than strength to pick up the elusive Needle.

Obligatorily you will need a buoy to raise the bait to the surface of 40 to 60 grams, in our online fishing shop we offer you the Buldo Evia transparent buoy. For the hook it is advisable to opt for No. 2 on No. 3 that perforate well but are not too stiff, preferably flexible to prevent the fish from loosening.

For the line it is not necessary to use fluorocarbon, since the Needle is not so suspicious or distrustful, nevertheless it must be a resistant thread and of an intermediate flexibility, since the marks of the Needle come and go of intermittent form. The thickness will depend on the average size of the fish and the action of your cane. Usually used from 0.16mm to 0.22mm.

Fishing For Needles From Boat

If we choose to look for Needles from boat, it will be easier to get slightly larger specimens than those usually found on the coast. However it is more difficult to find shoals since at this level they separate from the numerous groups. We recommend not to get too far from the coast and try them with flashy lures.

The most recommended techniques for the fishing of Needle from boat, arespinning and trolling, first the Needles are searched through the method of trolling, dragging at an average speed the lures in several levels of depth: superficial and average depths (10/15 meters) The movement exerted by the drag, facilitates the nailing of the Needle without greater efforts.

Once we find a bank of productive fish, it is passed to fish with the technique of spinning, moving the cane from one side to another and picking up at medium speed. The prick of the needle normally comprises two soft pulls and a stronger definitive one. We must wait for that last pull to ensure the nailing, since if we do before we will help you to release.

Equipment For The Fishing Of Needles From Boat

You will need a resistant rod, preferably of carbon and handle that supports the blows, the length must oscillate between the 2.50mt to the 3 meters of long and an action that round the 40 grams. While the spool must be very light and corrosion resistant, with a yarn capacity of 200 meters, it millimetrically grades the brake power.

As for the line and the hooks will serve the same as we have mentioned for fishing from shore, with the difference that the wire should be slightly thicker (0.22m to 0.30mm) and the size of the hook a little larger If the fish are of greater size (n ° 4 to 8).

Baits And Lures For Needles

For the fishing of Needle from coast is suggested the use of natural baits, the prawn is usually an immediate temptation, nevertheless we will also tempt to other fish that do not come to story in this day.

The sardine on the other hand, stimulates the approach of the Needles. The disadvantage of fishing with pieces of fish is that the cane disrupts them during the throw, so it is recommended a pre-treatment with salt or a special packing.However it can be more productive if it is used to prime a particular area when we are very far from the fish bank.

Squid pieces are also highly recommended, especially if presented in a striking way.

If you want to fish the Needle to use as a bait, it is more appropriate to useartificial lures. The most used are multicolored teaspoons, soft pulpits, nibs, and small surface minows.

We hope that this entry has been very useful and enjoy your day fishing Needles, we recommend this fishing to teach your children to fish and have fun with this type of entertainment.”