The Leather Leggings

For some time are leather leggings indispensable in more from the fashion world. Even it-girl Olivia Palermo has discovered the megatrend for itself and makes leading it to as combining the leggings in leather look.

The Leather Leggings

They are the fashion must-have in recent years: leather leggings. The comfortable pants look cool and casual-you can spice up your outfit and style really rocking. But also to a reputable everyday outfit fit the shiny leggings good. Then they look elegant and feminine. But many women dare not still on the leather optic zoom and feel too reminiscent of fashion sins of the 1980s. They still have not hang leather leggings in the closet? Then going on – it is time to try the sexy trend.

Olivia Palermo Shows The Way

Even with the Stars the shiny leather leggings are naturally popular. In Hollywood stars and starlets to run regularly in sexy pants around-and it-girl Olivia Palermo is a big fan of leather leggings. The “The City” star proves that the shiny pants do not always act rocky, but can also appear very feminine and restrained.

During her visit the “London Fashion Week” the pretty Olivia Palermo wore her leather leggings to match her blazer in Mauve. In order to prove: The Lederhosen is also available in other great colors other than black. As Fashion expert Olivia Palermo wears her leather leggings course right. In addition to the matching blazer and a plain white top their shiny trousers stands out particularly, and serves as an eye catcher of the outfits. Nevertheless, the look is subtle and restrained.

Combine Leather Leggings Properly And Maintain

Even though you want to wear leather leggings which is listed on Topschoolsintheusa, you should emulate Olivia Palermo, and make the rest of your outfits restrained. The shiny and tight-fitting pants are eye-catching enough-to fancy tops the appearance would make too dramatic here so restraint is needed. With black leather leggings you can not go wrong-Black finally goes with everything. It is best to combine the pants with a plain top, depending on the season fits over a plain blazer or a trendy shirt.

Leather leggings are not always made of genuine leather, but can also be made from synthetic leather. The maintenance of the special pants has still unfortunately in itself.For your leather leggings remain as shiny as Olivia Palermo, do not machine wash, but instead only ventilate pants. For stains helps Leather soap. In principle, it is always worthwhile in leather goods, paying attention to quality.