The iPhone was Stolen from Friends and You Have No Insurance?

This is annoying! If your iPhone was stolen from friends and you’ve completed any insurance for theft protection, it doesn’t help if you upset more about, that your iPhone has been stolen and you have no insurance for it, so your iPhone won’t come back Yes! It must be a new phone for you as soon as possible! And since your iPhone was stolen friends, you order maybe best cheap mobile phone insurance to, which includes also the theft protection, what do you mean?

With us  you will find guaranteed your new phone if your iPhone was stolen from friends. And if you have no insurance for your mobile: we have a super cell phone insurance offer!

Your iPhone Gets Stolen? There’s Replacement:

Pilferer stole your iPhone? It happens every month just 14,000 mobile users in Germany – your Smartphone or iPhone is stolen from them. Usually, they have no insurance for it of course. With us in the online shop on mobile in rates you find guaranteed the appropriate replacement that friends can move about, that your iPhone was stolen. In addition to the new iPhone 5 and 5C in different colors, we have other super-equipped smart phones of from different manufacturers offer – for example by HTC, Samsung, and LG. Just look in our shop and find friends from a smart phone, with which you you comfort, because your iPhone was stolen from friends.

No Insurance for Mobile Phones? Get One Here!

IPhone stolen friends? And you have no insurance for that? With us you get the all-around protection cell phone insurance from Friendsurance. This is the ideal mobile phone insurance for those who still don’t have insurance for their phone, because it insures your mobile phone not only against theft, against fall -, water -, and breakage, against liquid damage, broken display, operation errors, and much more, you’re insured – so and all at a really good price! No insurance for mobile phones offers you more: In case of damage, Friendsurance the new value of your insured smartphones to 100% reimbursed friends!