The Heart Rate Monitor Tolls

Enough, BRIGITTE is thought to BALANCE author Sarah Schütte and decided to get fit. Without child, man and stamina, she made a wonderfully painful holiday.

However, there are still a few muscles. I can feel it. More than me. It’s Tuesday, I’m the third day here and no longer get out of bed. Saturday morning I’ve closed my case in Hamburg, with many sports clothes in it, because I have great: get fit. The sports week is fully booked, the “4 health & beauty” event of the Robinson Club in Mallorca. Time: I’m 37, mother of a one-year daughter and have the heart of an athlete. I used it at least once, as I was trained: three times a week running, no problem, like sometimes one and a half hours at a time. The wheel or the headstand Yoga work without any problems. 90 minutes of “Total Bodyworkout” in the Studio, a pleasure. But now my nights are short, my energy just under, and my last round of jogging is three weeks. Not to mention that my pulse watch ‘weak’ opposed illuminates me the fitness test a scarce. This will change in the holiday-I hope.

Day 1: Sunday

Nothing is as stable as the German Club table order. Rested, alone and full of beans I’m on now Mallorca, and the day ahead of me like a blank sheet of paper. That is precisely the problem-24 hours without appointments overwhelm me. Well, everything is structured in a Club: the brochure to the I me factor, the fitness program of next week has 29 pages. So now I’m a plan. Then I have breakfast. Like every meal in the Club, there is the breakfast buffet. With the full plate, I run unobtrusively through the rooms, do so, as I was looking for someone. I had not considered that: also at dinner I’ll be alone. I don’t like this: sitting at the table, eat, look as relaxed, but not to see anyone.

I check the eight tables from the eye, who is likable, sit down to two friendly smiling Mittvierzigerinnen. Both are already for the fourth time here. You are sitting in the same room, if possible even at the same table. Nothing is as constant as the table order in German clubs. We talk us about the weather, the program and how important sport is. Nice small talk just. And then there is serious: an hour of Pilates. The room is filling up-women from late 20s to over 70, colorful mixed: thick, thin, grey, blondiert, styled fitness professionals and 80-years trim you path adherents. The hour despite entry-level tiring myself. My reward: I save the first 60 minutes in my heart rate monitor and 328 kilo calories.

Day 2: Monday

I smell like a giant Sesame bun. Says my holiday schedule: 8:00 o’clock Ayurvedic morning rituals. We gurgle a minute with pure sesame oil and spit it in facial tissues. Now I’m definitely awake! Then comes the grater massage: only in Bra and panties I rubble off me with stroking movements from top to bottom, my skin is my right upper arm, to pass out red and warm. But I won’t give up, but the Ayurveda promises a cellulite free life. After the scratch off is Lubed up, again with sesame oil. Now, my stomach, no wonder reports do indeed like a giant Sesame bun. For the rest of the day, I’m so as turnender breakfast treat. First “Athletic stretch”. I hold, bend, stretching and groan before effort.

Gunda wants us to go to our borders. First, I would like to attract a different top. Between the discreetly stylish ladies next to me, my cosy Sunday morning top feels suddenly become misshapen. And one and a half years sporting minimal usage not just better make my styling mistake. I decide not to see in the large mirror on the wall. After the hour, I go directly to the Club’s own store and buy two fitness tops. And then in the intensive course “Yoga & anti aging”, I can come in handy now that: a little turn back time! The trainer speaks about asanas, which keep us young, defeat even death – I breathe, bend me and stand head, all for two hours, for the eternal youth and against the rest of the baby belly. My heart rate monitor shows 436 kilo calories at the end. I am happy with the fitness-rejuvenating first offense and feel after today’s breaking point for my ligaments and tendons.

Day 3: Tuesday

Pain, tears and a poor, stressed heart. I can barely move. Already getting up hurts. But nothing helps-I have to go. I hazard a guess: this is a painful day. At the Breathwalking morning exercise I take just the muscle soreness. Michaela, the trainer, off but strongly advises me of the strength endurance training with Dany. So I simply throw to my daily schedule and go to “TriLoChi”. What sounds like the number 23 on a Chinese menu, is a relaxing blend of dance, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. We weigh us in a rocking motion of the wind, access schaufelnd in the water and orbiting Moon and Sun. Our movements flowing, it tickles me in the neck, I start to sweat, and all of a sudden the tears come though Michaela good-humored guides us through the program and I am actually quite serene. “Is just the way, because so many meridians are enabled, you never know exactly what happened”, says Michaela. Well, I know what must be done: my muscles need rest, I need a massage. 50 minutes relaxation treatment, I’ve earned it.

Then I must fear only the body analysis. Today I will look reality in the eye. What’s left of my athletes self and its cover pregnancy, breast-feeding and sleep deprivation after 18 months? First, the stress test with pulse watch, alone on the ground lying. Then weigh, measure and give information. Silvie, nutritionist, takes me the tension: I’m all normal everywhere in the healthy range, the composition of my body is okay, regarding fat and muscle mass-I am like that, is somewhat simplified bottom line of advice. Okay, I think, if it’s so… Even worse the stress test: my heart is beating much too evenly, a sign of extreme load-and that after the massage. In my age group there is actually not my value, only 50 my heart could beat so rhythmically, and even then I would be stressed out. That gives me pause. I decide not to rush into the last course, but to go into the sauna: rest find, come down.

Day 4: Wednesday

How exactly you goodbye gracefully between the main course and dessert? This afternoon I’m going to go shopping to Palma, my wardrobe needs urgent new impetus. It’s raining in Palma. My mood is also just significantly cooler. Time for a summer dress. In the high spirits of the just trained body, I buy two. Still a Café con Leche in the Internet-Café and a pair of shoes on the way to the parking lot, and then I’m again on the way back. I am pleased about my just collared innovations, but also the sense of wasted time: I would not be better to “step 3/4” and “Chi Yoga dance” gone?

How well this would have probably done my body, and how many kilo calories only… were that on my health heart rate monitor In the evening I have to face again the Smalltalk. Increasingly I dread about: days I having the same conversations-breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is exhausting, or to much or funny stuff if the nurse is not talking. But how, please, you say goodbye tactfully between the main course and dessert from the table, to then attend a different place? An unresolved problem that the rest of the week with me.

Day 5: Thursday

Close unit vegetable Snipping. Today, I want to learn to cook. More specifically, easy to cook. Silvie is a cooking class at 11:30. It is holiday by doctors outside the female counterpart to Farin and gives instructions for chopping herbs, meat cutting and vegetable brushing vigorously. 20 would-be chefs and-Köchinnen listen to your command and sizzling only healthy low-calorie into three groups. After an hour and small ambition bouts of occasional participants at the vegetable cutting 20 portions are available from every dish on the stove. All cost and are thrilled. I have three new recipes, a full belly and move the next training time on the afternoon.

Day 6: Friday

Farewell, her buttery chocolate courses. I want to enjoy this day, it is the last one: “TriloChi”, “Chi yoga flow” and then “standing Pilates”-could go on it, but the week of the event is to end. The relaxed body &-mind courses with names so skims how chocolate cream are home again replaced with tummy-legs-Po-hours and “Step 1-3”, pure squeezed between job and child pick up laundry. After a week of fitness-holidays – in numbers: 11.5 hours and 3620 kilo calories-, I have a sense of what it means to be fit again. My body has become tighter, at least it feels that way. Case packing, I’m leaving the Sunday morning-shirt in the closet-I need space now for my new tops.

Be fit during the holidays

The fitness event week “4Health & beauty” expected to be held next time from 18 to 25 April 2009 in the Robinson Club Cala Serena Majorca. A mixture of yoga, Pilates, back training, dance and soul workouts, this cooking Ayurveda courses will be offered. The “4Health & beauty” courses are included in the price for the Club holiday. A shorter stay is possible. The offer is available from October 2008. There are more fitness and beauty event weeks such as under our site.

BRIGITTE balance 03/08 photos: Sabine Martens sports outfits: and private