The Fixer Arkpad: Decorative

Use Stickers Decoration Is A Feature That Changes The Look Of The Quick And Practical Environment.

The collages have wide variety of models, and you can find from graffiti to drawings of animals. But before decorating the environment, it is essential to adapt the proposal to the decorative style. The Arkpad talked to experts to take any questions on the subject. Check below:

How To Decide Between Adhesive Or Wallpaper?

The wallpaper is tougher, however, has cost greater than the sticker. In addition, your application must be made by specialized professionals. “The papers need glue to be installed and work, for the most part, is done by a professional. Remember also that apply adhesives makes less dirt, “says Vanessa Days, interior designer. Adhesive parts include the advantage of being able to be customized.

What To Tip When Choosing The Ideal Model?

The first step before buying the product is to analyze the environment decoration. See the amount of space available, so that nothing affects the feeling of spaciousness, and the wall color. “Avoid overreacting in the mix of prints and colors in single space. The ideal is to use it with harmony, “says Juliana Abbud, Formalis architecture. A way out is to apply the patches in neutral walls, bringing more prominence to the pieces. “When the environment has vibrant colors, preferably monochrome models,” adds Vanessa.

Where Can I Apply The Stickers To Decorate?

The decorative feature can be used in environments such as living rooms, bedrooms and even in space. The ideal is to apply the resource in places without contact with water or FAT (so avoid kitchen and service area). It is interesting to even install the patches on the head of the bed, in the door leaf, at the bottom of the desk or even on the ceiling of the room. Another possible way out is to buy models which mimics slates or the famous rulers of growth.

How Should I Install The Product?

The hint not to err is to measure the site and define the place of the adhesive. Don’t think it will be interesting to furniture or objects get in the way of viewing the drawings. “And during the application, select the place of adhesive with duct tape. This move away from the danger of bubbles and marks on the wall, “says Juliana.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes In The Use Of Stickers?

A recurring mistake is to apply the adhesive without any preparation of the wall. Remember that it is essential to eliminate problems such as humidity and holes on the surface. The output is to pass a layer of corrective and mass use waterproofing products, if necessary. “It is also important to apply the product only after two weeks after painting the wall,” says Vanessa.

I Want To Remove The Adhesive From The Wall. And Now?

The alternative to lessen the impact of the withdrawal is to use the warm air from the hair dryer and pull the product from the wall. Don’t forget, however, to clean the surface after the process.