The First Apple Store Official Argentina Would Open Its Doors in 2018

The Apple company continues its expansion in Latin America. After having launched its first official store in Brazil in 2014, and open one in Mexico in 2016, now the shift is to Argentina. According to Gizmodo, Argentina will have its first Apple Store in 2018, following in the footsteps of a great wave of dealers that will begin to open new outlets this year in Buenos Aires territory.

This turns out to be very good news for the users of that country, where purchasing a device from Apple brought great difficulties. Even just since the beginning of this year, Argentines can buy some devices through Fravega, a shop specializing in the sale of electronic products, who sells Apple products under the concept of “store in store”.

Mexico and the first American Apple Store

Although in theory the first Latin American country to receive the Apple Store Brazil, Mexico frame important in 2016 to become the first Hispanic-American to receive the official store of the Cupertino firm nationwide.

“Apple believes that” Mexico is the nerve centre of all Latin America and therefore a natural partner for Apple; We want to learn the culture of Mexico and that a culture of Apple in a symbiotic way,”said Enrique Atienza, executive director of retail for Apple Latin America, during the launch of the store in the city of Mexico.

Gizmodo also noted that Argentina is not the only destination that has Apple in mind, because the company already would be in negotiations to open new stores in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Santiago de Chile and Lima.