The Best Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Halloween is coming up and some parents seem überzuschäumen of creativity. That it like to have to serve the children we see today. I have compiled my top 10 costumes for kids and could me still broken laugh. Which is your favorite? In an earlier post we introduced children costumes with food terms, click here if your small sushi rolls and hot dogs want to see. Important: Not suitable for consumption!

Breaking Bad

Well let’s hope that this costume has no effect on the future career of the little ones. Anyway it is a real eye-catcher and for all Breaking-Bad-trailer the perfect costume.


True Harry Potter fans will be thrilled with this costume. This mother is probably also and her child unceremoniously transformed into Dobby.


Anyone who has seen the Pixar film “Up”, which will be familiar to the sight. Children are quickly transformed into the sympathetic fellow Carl: cap and glasses, braces and a few colorful balloons and completed the costume.

Combat Robots

Whether this child will ever feel so powerful again? One does not know. In any case, the panel radiates danger and likely other children away. “The sweets are mine.”


These parents seem to be true fans of the now 30-year old film “Ghostbusters”. A child is allowed to play the ghost hunters and the little Michelin man neatly scare. A similar costume you can here buy.


Today times headless go? If you imitate the costume, please do not forget to make holes in the lid. Thank you!


This costume is a matter of taste. Who still needs at the last minute a quick and simple idea, is hereby well advised. I could not say to the little No and would provide him with enough candy.

Albert Einstein

“Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but in the universe I’m not quite sure yet.” A clever man so one can only emulate, so I think the idea of Albert Einstein costume stunning.


According to, white leggings, bright shirt and a few associations are enough to turn the little rascals in a scary mummy.

Other Dame

Anyone who wants to transform his child for a day in a little old lady or a gentlemen best age, really needs only a gray-haired wig, a walker and age-appropriate clothing.

These are my top 10 children’s costumes for Halloween. I’m curious, how new ideas parents are coming this year.

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