The Best Apps for Running

There are more and better programs available for people wanting to go on. These programs did not keep pace with the speed and distance, but also has many more features. Sometimes you have paid. The most popular ap Nike + Runner. Other popular programs include Runkeeper, Endomondo and Runstatic. All of these programs can be downloaded in various app stores. Read all about it in this article. In the Netherlands, more and more people begin to run. It has become quite a craze. They therefore also need a matching outfit. It is, among other things, good clothes and good hiking shoes. It is also important to pay attention to diet. Many also want to know how fast they are driving. Now it is easy to measure because there are plenty of programs that can be of service to the runner. These programs can be installed on the smartphone and is then connected to a satellite. In this way can be traced, such as rate and the time during which a person is running. Often, the statistics can also be viewed online later,

The Best Apps for Running

Apps do something to attract the attention of the runner. For example, there are a lot of additional features. It is for example possible to connect a heart band on the iPhone by which it is possible to see at which time the heart rate was the highest. Another option is to listen to music on the go. There are therefore special headphones available to prevent this particular case while you’re driving. The creators of apps to make money by additional features that must be paid. It can then, for example, be a training package or to compare times with friends. Sometimes apps also offer special driving routes that can follow the runner. Both possibilities are offered for advanced and beginners. The best known and most used applications are running:

Nike + Running Equipment

The best known and most used app is that of Nike. This is a good advertisement for the company and fit into their marketing strategy. The app is free to download. They also offer additional services. For its new campaign, Game On examples are twenty digital roadblocks brought to life that can be used when walking. These points should be driven out of the capital.

Få Running

This app is especially good for beginners. It coaches them when they start to go. This makes the coach by motivating cry cry in the ear. In this way, no trained to go five kilometers result. This application must be paid, ie 2.39 euros.

Running Apps Runkeeper, Endomondo och Runstatic

These programs all look the same. That is why they are mentioned in the same breath. They keep their distance and speed. For additional features, such as interval training has to be paid. Also went routes can later be viewed online.The results can possibly be shared on Facebook. They all have good reviews in various app stores.

Running in the Netherlands

In addition worth mentioning is still worth App Running in the Netherlands. This app provides an overview of all games in the Netherlands. With a special search function makes it possible to search by date and region to competitions around.