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So that you can enjoy the best mascara for your eyelashes, we have prepared a selection of different brands of excellent quality.

You can choose the model that best suits your preferences and whose ingredients and objectives best fit the style and shape of your eyelashes.

Eyelash Mask With Collagen

Magnificent mascara of L’Oréal Paris, formulated especially for the lashes more difficult to tame.Thanks to its components, with this mascara youwill hydrate your lashes for 24 hours, from the root to the tips.

Moreover, thanks to its brush larger than most mascara, allows the best expansion of youreyelashes and a homogenous distribution of collagen. This way, your look will be magnetic thanks to the enlargement that produces the effect of the eyelashes.

Finally, we can highlight the properties of this applicator designed to be used on all types ofeyelashes. Highly recommended product if you are looking for a product that lasts all day and expands and increase the volume of your eyelashes.

Mascara Effect Mascara

This great L’Oréal Paris mascara has a new double wing brush. With this brush you will achieve an attractive effect of false eyelashes. Like other products of the same brand, hydration is achieved from the root to the tips, achieving a very intense volume increase.

The long and thin spikes of the innovative brush are distributed in 6 rows, allowing the best fit to the eye shape. In this way, a very original and attractive volume is achieved.

To achieve the best effect with this mascara, it is recommended to pass the brush first from the outside in and then from the inside out. First we will make the application in the upper and then the lower lashes. With this mascara you will achieve an incredible volume without caking the product.

Punk Mega Volume Mascara Punky

L’Oréal Paris is able to surprise us with a modern mascara that creates a punki effect on your eyelashes. It is perfect for all types of eyelashes but is specially formulated to tame even in the most difficult cases. In addition, the composition’s collagen hydrates from the root to the tips continuously and prevents the eyelash curls.

To achieve this punky effect, this product has a conical brush to give your eyelashes the desired shape. If you want that there are no lumps you should follow a few simple steps during the application of mascara. To start, apply the product in the usual way in a horizontal position. The brush will perform the first distribution of the eyelashes.Then, using the brush in an upright position, you can position the lashes the way you want using the base of the brush. With this mascara your look will be difficult to imitate and you will feel it.

Long Lasting Eyelash Mascara

With this Gaya brand mascara you will be able to lengthen your eyelashes and give you an accurate definition with just one pass. Being a long-lasting mascara, you will achieve a tone of black pigment that resists despite the passage of time andwithout spotting under the eyes. It is applied very easily and is also cleaned without difficulties. The best thing to take care of our eyelashes.

On the other hand, it is possible to emphasize its easy and comfortable application as well as itsingredients that respect the animals. In addition, its curved brush allows to achieve the best effects without the need to use more product. In this way, the initial investment in this mascara is rewarded in the long run.

Applicator With Double Brush

With this innovative rímmel you will raise your eyelashes in an extraordinary way with a cheap price. You will achieve a unique look and you will not go unnoticed. To achieve these incredible effects, this mascara has 2 brushes, each arranged at one end. With one of the brushes we give the base that gives volume and depth to the eyelashes. Subsequently, with the other brush, we provide length and curvature to the eyelashes.

The effect of false eyelashes achieves its maximum splendor in this novelty mascara L’Oréal Paris. In addition, you will achieve the best results without the product being caked and without need to review your eyelashes with other brushes.

Organic Non-Irritant Mascara

Great product based on organic ingredients and formulated without animal cruelty. Thanks to its composition without chemicals it does not irritate the eyes and is perfect for the most sensitive people. There are also no toxic ingredients in this mascara, such as parabens and sulfates. Similarly, it does not contain fragrances, so irritating to some people. This mascara is a great option for people who use lenses whose eyes are easily reddish.

With this mascara you will give volume and thickness to your eyelashes while providing anattractive elongation of them. To achieve the best effects it has vitamin E, lemon peel and orange root.These and other ingredients, they achieve a great product of trust with which to obtain the best results.

Color Mascara

With this product you will achieve a special charm thanks to the different shades available. You can choose the color according to the tone of your eyes, your clothes or your personal tastes. Available colors are black, blue, violet and brown.

This high quality mascara achieves a great and attractive effect. It is very easily applied and can be used by professionals as well as by anyone else. In addition, it is water resistant and prevents frizz of the eyelashes.

Finally, its ingredients are suitable for the most sensitive eyes. And thanks to it is easily removed you will not lose your eyelashes with continued use of the product. You will get a lasting effect of lashes and thick eyelashes. All this accompanied by the personal touch depending on the color you choose.

Tips For Buying A Mascara

To get the best product for our tabs, it is advisable to take into account some details.

First, we have to assess whether we prefer to give volume to our lashes or lengthen them, or both. Generally, products on the market meet all the objectives at the same time, but there are times when one option may override the other. For example, there are people who have long eyelashes and who prefer to prioritize the increase in volume.

On the other hand, it may be advisable to look for products that resist the passage of hours. There are more affordable price mashes that last very little time. Depending on the duration that we want the mascara to have, we can opt for a long-lasting or one of normal duration.

It is also useful to look for products that have brushes that adequately distribute the content. In this way, we will avoid cramping and spots under the eyes. In this sense, there are some brands that offer brushes specially designed to avoid cramping. There are even products that have 2 brushes in the same mascara to achieve different results and the product is perfectly distributed.

On the other hand, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients of the best mascara. Collagen is increasingly present in cosmetics and provides great results in addition to moisturizing. Other ingredients to keep in mind are those that respect the animals during their manufacture. More and more products prevent animal cruelty and its use is spreading. Regardless of the personal considerations of each person in this respect, these products are usually free of toxic components that are also harmful to people. These products are ideal for people whose eyes are most sensitive to dyes and irritants.

Finally, we can consider whether we want a black mascara or if we want to introduce some new color into our mascara. There are very attractive tones that give a very interesting touch to our look. The combination of colors with the tone of our eyes multiplies the options of the makeup.